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Enjoy a visual flirtation with our most enigmatic domestic companion--the cat. Laurel Burch uses her keen intuition and uncanny imagination to create images of whimsy and allure, and moving themes in paint and paper, the vivid colors touched with gold and silver. The trim size and eye-catching covers of these journals will attract the attention of even the most world-weary shoppers. Our Fantastic Feline journal covers explore the seductive enigma that is the cat. These books feature our innovative flap design, which hides the full cover image until the flap is opened. And each book comes with a memento pouch, ribbon page marker and archival quality, lined cream paper.
"Blue Butterflies" is a collection of true accounts of miracles, mercies, mysteries and lessons learned. The essays are based on true-life experiences, presented as creative nonfiction. The names of persons and places have been changed while preserving the essence of the experiences. "Blue Butterflies" is the second in a four-part series.
The New Book Kitty Butterfiles and Earth Angels (A Story about Love) This unique book for young and old alike, truely tells of a story about love in respect to Brotherly love and a great love for animals. It's like being in church and going up to someone who is the worst of us and the least of us and shaking their hand in the sign of peace. Although it may seem to be for the underdog or in this case the undercat. It is really a story about each other and helping one another even the leastof us..working together emotionally, psychologically, physically and financially. To actually in being a disciple under God help him and his great miracles that he gives us everyday- Lives. In the respect that every life matters (every miracle little or big) in callings that came our way that we are able with God to follow. Every good creature under the sun deserves life. This book decsribes that in a way that's heartwarming and real. Kitty Butterflies and Earth Angels is not just about a cat or Cass its not just about letting go. It's about Love and holding each other in each other's heart.
What if, one step at a time, we could make our gardens and landscapes more eco-friendly? Barbara W. Ellis's colorful, comprehensive guide shows homeowners, gardeners, garden designers, and landscapers how to do just that for the large and beautiful Chesapeake Bay watershed region. This area includes Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Washington, D.C., and part of West Virginia (translating to portions of USDA Zones 6, 7, and 8). Here, mid-Atlantic gardeners, from beginners to advanced, will find the essential tools for taking steps to make their gardens part of the solution through long-term planning and planting. The guide is built from the ground up around six simple but powerful principles that anyone can use: * Reduce lawn * Build plant diversity * Grow native plants * Manage water runoff * Welcome wildlife * Garden wisely Included are detailed instructions for assessing and designing your particular garden or landscape site; choosing and caring for trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, and flowers; and succeeding with such conditions as shade or poor soil. From rain gardens to woodland gardens, meadow gardens to wildlife gardens, and much more, this indispensable guide features more than 300 color photographs.
A child who is laughed at because of her square head learns to see her own inner beauty as well as that of others.
By the author of The Handmaid's Tale and Alias Grace Elaine Risley, a painter, returns to Toronto to find herself overwhelmed by her past. Memories of childhood - unbearable betrayals and cruelties - surface relentlessly, forcing her to confront the spectre of Cordelia, once her best friend and tormentor, who has haunted her for forty years. 'Not since Graham Greene has a novelist captured so forcefully the relationship between school bully and victim...Atwood's games are played, exquisitely, by little girls' LISTENER An exceptional novel from the winner of the 2000 Booker Prize
This book is a collection of Edwardian childhood memories, including unique paintings, drawings and poems. All created by author Cerita Stanley-Little over her lifetime: Inherited, collected and edited by her daughter Clarissa Lablache Cheer: In a series of recollections, her story vividly portrays in detail, the fears and actions of a small child, and how she rebelled against the oppressive middle class family upbringing in England, before World War I began and tore apart their orderly lives. The author looks back into reflections of memory, of the human condition in her family upbringing, and plunges us deep into the heart of an Edwardian child, and life where children were still brought up under strict Victorian discipline. Later in life when nostalgia engulfed her, she liked to remember the softer familiar Edwardian world she knew, where time stood still, and her imagination ran wild creating fantasy stories and pictures.

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