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(Guitar Collection). Includes standard notation and tab for 22 Carter-style solos from bluegrass classics such as: Back Up and Push * The Big Rock Candy Mountain * Cotton Eyed Joe * Down Yonder * Jesse James * John Henry * Little Sadie * Man of Constant Sorrow * Midnight Special * Mule Skinner Blues * Red Wing * Uncle Joe * The Wabash Cannon Ball * Wildwood Flower * and more.
This book helps guitarists who are currently stuck playing simple melodies develop fiddle-tune-like solos to bluegrass songs and tunes. Thirteen songs are presented in both a simple Carter-style melody-based arrangement followed by a more fleshed out fiddle-style arrangement. Using the licks and concepts presented here, guitarists can develop their own unique solos to popular songs. Angeline the Baker is presented in a special four-part arrangement that details how to take a simple quarter-note-type melody and develop it into a full eighth-note-based flatpicking solo.
Covers all the basics and will have you playing all the classic bluegrass favorites in no time. You'll learn classic bluegrass guitar techniques in the context of classic bluegrass standards. Beginning with basic left- and right-hand techniques, Dennis guides you through developing great backup parts, playing solos, and working with a bluegrass band. All books and DVDs in the Ultimate Beginner Bluegrass Basics Series are fully correlated to work together, allowing you to use these for putting together your own bluegrass band.
More than thirty famous bluegrass classics with melody and chord changes.
(Guitar Solo). 16 bluegrass classics expertly arranged: Ballad of Jed Clampett * Blue Yodel No. 4 (California Blues) * Can't You Hear Me Calling * I'll Go Stepping Too * I'm Goin' Back to Old Kentucky * Let Me Love You One More Time * My Rose of Old Kentucky * We'll Meet Again Sweetheart * and more.
Bluegrass lead-guitar—flatpicking—is an acoustic guitar style based on the linear runs of fiddle music. It emerged less than three decades ago in the wake of the discovery that the guitar (long regarded as solely a rhythm instrument) was peculiarly suited to play fiddle lines. While flatpicking has developed impressively in the years since, so that it today includes many uniquely guitar-based sounds and techniques, it will nonetheless always remain a product of the great fiddling heritage on which it was founded. So we begin with a flatpicked fiddle-tune to help introduce these preliminaries.
This fun and easy book and CD takes you from the very beginning. Learning right and left-hand techniques, learning your first chords, 18 great songs AND you painlessly learn them by reading notes. Anyone can do it. Steve's method and approach to learning to read notes is so simple that 4 year olds have done it. You will start with 4 simple notes. Steve then teaches songs using just those four notes. He systematically adds a few more notes at a time bundled with easy to understand instructions and songs so that in a short time you will know all the notes, chords, strumming patterns to play hundreds of songs. This is a perfect primer for many of Steve's best sellers and other author's books. Audio CD included.
In this new multi-volume series, author Joe Carr introduces beginning to intermediate guitarists to classic bluegrass ballads and waltzes. the object of the series is to ground players in good technique and to impart the essential skills required for continued self-guided development. the tunes are presented in both Carter-style and flatpicking arrangements. Perfect for beginning lead guitarists.
Compact disc contains musical examples to accompany the book.
Thomas Balinger Dulcimer Songbook Bluegrass Classics Revised Edition 2017/2018 (TAB fret numbers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 6+ 7) 60 popular American Songs arranged for dulcimer in standard mixolydian tuning D-A-D (6 1/2 fret models). Progressively graded from simple melody playing on one or two strings to easy fingerpicking arrangements of 10 popular songs, this collection is aimed at the beginning player. Plus chord symbols, dulcimer and guitar chord diagrams and a collection of strumming patterns for song accompaniment. Songs: 1. A beautiful life 2. A cowboy's life 3. Acres of clams 4. A horse named Bill 5. All the good times are past and gone 6. All the good times are past and gone (Arr.) 7. Angel Band 8. Arkansas Traveler 9. Beautiful brown eyes 10. Billy the kid 11. Blood on the saddle 12. Boil them cabbage down 13. Boil them cabbage down (Arr.) 14. Carry me back to old Virginny 15. Colorado trail 16. Come all ye fair and tender ladies 17. Come all ye fair and tender ladies (Arr.) 18. Cotton-eyed Joe 19. Cumberland Gap 20. Danville girl 21. Dink's Song 22. Dink's Song (Arr.) 23. Don't this road look rough and rocky 24. Down the road 25. Down to the river to pray 26. Drifting too far from the shore 27. East Virginia Blues 28. Engine 143 29. Erie Canal 30. Foggy mountain top 31. Footprints in the snow 32. Frankie and Johnny 33. Git along little dogies 34. Goin' across the mountain 35. Goin' across the mountain (Arr.) 36. Going down this road 37. House of the Rising Sun 38. I ain't gonna work tomorrow 39. I'm sad and I'm lonely 40. I never will marry 41. I never will marry (Arr.) 42. In the pines 43. I ride an old Paint 44. Jack of diamonds 45. Jesse James 46. John Hardy 47. Little Bessie 48. Little Bessie (Arr.) 49. Long journey home 50. Long journey home (Arr.) 51. Make me down a pallet 52. Midnight on the stormy deep 53. Midnight train 54. Molly and Tenbrooks 55. My home's across the smoky mountains 56. New river train 57. Nine pound hammer 58. Old Dan Tucker 59. Pretty Polly 60. Roving gambler 61. Salty dog Blues 62. Salty dog Blues (Arr.) 63. Shady Grove 64. Shortnin' bread 65. Soldier's joy 66. Sweet bye and bye 67. Sweet bye and bye (Arr.) 68. Way down the Old Plank Road 69. Wildwood flower 70. Wreck of the old 97
"Instruction and songs for lead and back-up bluegrass guitar. Graded from easy to advanced with over 30 songs and tunes in both standard music notation and tablature"; sound disc (compact disc) contains examples of techniques discussed in the text and 6 songs.
The selection of songs was designed to give players a repertoire of the most common played tunes, as well as examples of the most commonly used techniques. The GUITAR collection contains a classic Bill Monroe tune Big Mon and 24 traditional tunes, ranging from Arkansas Traveler, Turkey in the Straw, Old Joe Clark, Sailor's Hornpipe, and Sally Goodin, to the less familiar Whiskey Before Breakfast and others. The book also contains a CD with each song recorded in a such a way that you can pan to hear the lead instrument alone, the backing track alone, or the two combined.
This collection contains notation and tablature to 13 bluegrass mandolin tunes as recorded by Butch Baldassari on the SoundArt Recodings label (SAR-1252). Tunes are at intermediate to advanced level.
Learn great flatpicking solos on 30 wonderful Christmas and Holiday tunes! Aimed at beginning and intermediate guitarists, this collection of traditional Holiday favorites will be a great addition to any guitarist's repertoire. Most solos use the basic bluegrass/folk "bass note/strum" technique with melodies integrated into known chord patterns. Others feature "the arpeggio strum," a beautiful chord melody technique. Explore transposing solos from one key to another, changing and mixing meter (3/4 to 4/4), soloing in more than one octave, playing a solo with others as a round, and more! Sing and play all your favorite carols and Christmas songs in the flatpicking/bluegrass style. Included audio CD has all solos played at slow and regular speeds. Standard notation and tablature.• Learn great flatpicking solos on 30 wonderful Christmas and Holiday tunes!• for beginning and intermediate guitarists• Use the basic "bass note/strum" technique• Melodies integrated into known chord patterns• Learn "the arpeggio strum," a beautiful chord melody technique• Practice transposing solos from one key to another• Practice changing and mixing meter (3/4 to 4/4)• Learn soloing in more than one octave• Playing a solo with others as a round• Sing and play all your favorite carols and Christmas songs• A great addition to any guitarist's repertoire
Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin is specifically designed to quickly and simply show you how to play bluegrass mandolin. It teaches everything you'll need to know including: chords (both open and 'bluegrass chop' variety), rhythm, single-note playing, double stops, fiddle tunes, playing in all keys (transposing from one key to another), playing backup, introductions or "kickoffs", and tremolo. Lessons use classic bluegrass songs and tunes to help you build a great bluegrass repertoire as you learn. All songs and examples from the book are recorded at both slow and regular speeds on the CD. Written in standard notation and tablature.
This illustrated A-Z guide covers more than 700 country music artists, groups, and bands. Articles also cover specific genres within country music as well as instruments used. Written in a lively, engaging style, the entries not only outline the careers of country music's greatest artists, they provide an understanding of the artist's importance or failings, and a feeling for his or her style. Select discographies are provided at the end of each entry, while a bibliography and indexes by instrument, musical style, genre, and song title round out the work. For a full list of entries, a generous selection of sample entries, and more, visit the Country Music: A Biographical Dictionary website.
(Easy Guitar). A jam-packed collection of 100 country classics arranged for beginning-level guitarists. Includes: Achy Breaky Heart (Don't Tell My Heart) * All the Gold in California * Could I Have This Dance * Coward of the County * Down at the Twist and Shout * Folsom Prison Blues * He Stopped Loving Her Today * Jambalaya * Lucille * On the Road Again * Rocky Top * Walkin' After Midnight * Wichita Lineman * and more.

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