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In Beyond Blonde, Sophie’s world has exploded. Papa has left to try and get sober, and her first love, Luke, has left to marry the mother of his baby. Mama is functioning on auto-pilot, and even Sophie’s refuge in basketball is threatened, since the new assistant coach, David Wayne, seems to hate the sight of her. Life is further complicated by her sixteen-year-old body betraying her at every turn. Into this confusing breach step Sophie’s brilliant Blondes and the ever-audacious Aunties, helping her to battle back with heart and humour.
Das altagyptische Totenbuch mit seinen etwa 200 Spruchen und dazugehorigen Illustrationen in immer neuen Zusammenstellungen auf verschiedenen Materialien (Papyri, Mumienbinden, Leichentucher, Sarge, Grabwande u.a.) stellt eine der bedeutendsten Quellen zur religiosen Literatur und Ikonographie des Alten Agypten dar. Im September 2005 richtete das Bonner Totenbuch-Projekt eine interdisziplinare Konferenz aus, deren Beitrage in diesem Band zusammengestellt sind. Die 27 oft reich bebilderten Aufsatze umfassen eine Vielfalt von Themen: Publikationen bislang unbekannter Handschriften auf den unterschiedlichsten Texttragern, Untersuchungen einzelner Texte oder Darstellungen aus dem Totenbuch, das Totenbuch als Quelle zu ausgewahlten religionswissenschaftlichen Themen, Beginn und Ende der Totenbuch-Uberlieferung und allgemeine Beobachtungen zum Totenbuch (zur Bezeichnung des Verstorbenen als Osiris, zur Palaographie, zur Anordnung der Vignetten, zu Totenbuch- Vignetten auf den Sargen der Dritten Zwischenzeit, zu Amulettpapyri). Daruber hinaus prasentieren funf Restaurierungswissenschaftler den aktuellen Forschungsstand zu sachgemasser Konservierung und Aufbewahrung von Papyri, zur Lesbarmachung stark nachgedunkelter Schrift, zu verwendeten Farben und moglichen Falttechniken.
Lists more than 200,000 words organized by letter count and synonym, and provides a reference section with lists of awards, important figures, records, and events in a variety of fields
This lively novel—the fifty-second in the award-winning 87th Precinct series—follows the exploits of Ed McBain's most beloved and foul-mouthed detective, Fat Ollie Weeks. All at once, Fat Ollie Weeks had a truly brilliant idea... But as any real writer could tell you, that's how inspiration strikes -- with the sudden force of a violent crime. Known more for his foul mouth and short temper than his way with words, Detective Weeks has written a novel. But just as Isola is rocked by the murder of a mayoral candidate, the only copy of Ollie's manuscript is stolen -- and an all-too-real adventure begins as a thief follows Ollie's fictional blueprint to find a $2 million cache of nonexistent diamonds. Now, the 87th Precinct races to bring poetic justice to a cold-blooded assassin -- and someone's about to add another chapter to the colorful career of Ollie Weeks, a cop who's never played by the book....
In one volume for the first time, this bundle presents the first three novels of the Holly Martin Mystery series by Lou Allin. At her first RCMP post in tiny Fossil Bay on the wild south coast of Vancouver Island, Holly falls in love with island life. But she soon learns that the isolated area also attracts the darker sides of human nature. "A must-read book that will be hard to put down this season." - Monday Magazine Twilight Is Not Good for Maidens - Holly Martin Mystery #3 (NEW!) A series of savage attacks on lone women rocks the island, and Holly thinks the case is ready to break – one way or another. She Felt No Pain - Holly Martin Mystery #2 After a troubling autopsy, Holly suspects there’s more to the case than the tox-screen suggests. A drought strikes, and one match could ignite the area. And on the Surface Die - Holly Martin Mystery #1 Holly’s first day on the job starts with a distress call that isn’t what it seems.

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