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Discusses the background of the Book of Acts and includes a detailed exposition and notes on the text
Numerous evangelical scholars combine their insights to present the best of a Bible handbook and a theological study.
With this book a foremost New Testament scholar makes a signal contribution to the literature about the times of the first apostles.This period, when the memory of Jesus was fresh yet no written literature about him existed, lends itself well to the descriptive treatment Dr. Cadbury employs. The purpose of these pages, he writes, is to establish not so much the accuracy of the book of Acts as the reality of the scenes and customs and mentality which it reflects.... We can walk where the Apostle Paul walked, see what he saw, and become increasingly at home in his world.Five chapters deal with each of the five cultural strands then existing: Roman, Greek, Jewish, Christian, and cosmopolitan. The sixth attempts to reconstruct the earliest history of the book of Acts.
Experience Pentecost. Look on as 130 converts shake a city. Meet Paul. Go with him as he plants the first Gentile church. Extend the kingdom's power and see the enemy upset. Walk with Paul as he travels to Corinth, Antioch, Ephesus and beyond. For those desiring to be a part of God's action in their churches, their communities and throughout the world, there is nothing that will help more than thoroughly understanding the book of Acts and applying what we can learn from it. Acts was designed to be God's training manual for Christians. It worked in the early church, and it works in the postmodern world. The reader's study of Acts in The Book of Acts will bring new intimacy with the Spirit and new joy in doing His will.
Twelve lessons explore how the same men who doubted in Galilee, argued in Capernaum, and ran for their lives in Gethsemane are transformed by the resurrected King in the book of Acts. With scripture reading, inspirational readings, questions to answer, space for journaling, and a prayer, it's like studying the Bible with Max Lucado.
Bible study notes and commentary on the New Testament Book of Acts. Emphasizes understanding the text with practical applications. Intended to be helpful to all Christians, including teachers and preachers, while avoiding an emphasis on technical issues. Written from the conservative viewpoint of faith in the Bible as the absolute, inerrant, verbally inspired word of God. Comments include discussion of these topics: * Examples of conversion * Establishment and history of the early church * Work of the Holy Spirit in spiritual gifts and miracles * Gospel evangelism and salvation of sinners * Testimony of the apostles as witnesses of the resurrection * Jesus' reign as King over His kingdom * Pattern of worship, work, and organization in Jesus' church
The Book for Authentic Christian Living and Fellowship The early church was filled with Christians who had seen Jesus, and who were committed to telling His story for the benefit of future generations of God's family. The Smart Guide to the Bible: The Book of Acts connects you to the people and events that shaped the church as we know it today. You'll be inspired-and equipped-to love and serve one another as Christ intended. Be Smart About: Evangelism The Holy Spirit True Christian Fellowship Daily Walk & Talk The Body of Christ The Origins of the Church Perseverance & Persecution And More! Smart Guides Are for Everyone! The Bible is loaded with valuable insights for every area of your life. The Smart Guides to the Bible let you easily uncover them all-even the passages you once thought were hard to understand. Whether you're new to the Bible, a long-time student of Scripture or somewhere in between, you'll appreciate the many ways the relevant helps on each page lead you to get the most out of God's Word.

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