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Campers, hikers, naturalists, sailors, fishermen, hunters, and anyone else who ventures into the outdoors will want to own The Book of Outdoor Knots. This meticulously illustrated handbook describes 70 of the most common knots for the outdoors, showing in clear, step-by-step line drawings each phase of the properly tied knot. Perhaps most important, the book explains precisely which knot to use in each specific situation. Knots of all kinds are covered here: hitches for fastening rope to a fixed object, bends to connect two ropes, loops for a range of purposes, running knots, knots to shorten rope lengths, and others. The Book of Outdoor Knots also covers natural and synthetic ropes as well as rope maintenance, general tying guidelines, breaking strength, and more. (5 1/2 X 8 1/4, 144 pages, diagrams, chart)
In recent years, sailing has undergone some revolutionary changes: Satellites and autopilots are now used for navigation. Artificial-fiber and wire ropes have nearly replaced natural-fiber ropes. But when it comes to decorative knotting, natural fiber is still the favored choice. This book is tops when it comes to learning how to master tying the most common sailing knots. With color illustrations and step-by-step instructions, the author explains how to correctly tie and use more than fifty knots―including stopper knots, bends, loops, and hitches―and in which situations each one is most useful.
Featured are detailed line drawings and clear instructions on how to tie the gamut of climbing knots, explanations of the various uses of each knot, the best knots to use in specific situations, and an easy-to-use Index.
Outdoor Knots delivers relevant and expertly curated content in a convenient, travel-ready package. With step-by-step instructions on tying the most used and useful knots, this is a book to keep with your gear, in your car, or on your person at all times.
A clear and concise handbook--essential for every camper.
Presents instructions for tying knots for fishing, camping, climbing, sailing, and decorative activities.
Step-by-step diagrams and instructions demonstrate knots for baitcasting, jigging, spincasting, trolling, rigs, and boating

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