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Blending numerous heritages, wisdoms, and teachings, this powerfully wrought book encourages people to take charge of their lives, heal themselves, and grow. Movingly rendered, The Book of the Vision Quest is for all who long for renewal and personal transformation. In this revised edition—with two new chapters and added tales from vision questers—Steven Foster recounts his experiences guiding contemporary seekers. He recreates an ancient rite of passage—that of “dying,” “passing through,” and “being reborn”—known as a vision quest. A sacred ceremony that culminates in a three-day, three-night fast, alone, in a place of natural power, the vision quest is a mystical, practical, and intensely personal journey of self-knowledge.
Readers are invited to embark on a journey to a brave new earth, set in the not-too distant future where humanity has just begun to remember the limitless powers of the human mind and spirit. It is a time when the balance of universal forces travel at the speed of thought and hangs precariously on the edge of choice. Readers will enter a future where man's genius has created entire new species and unleashed an enemy whose presence can only end in an epic battle between the forces of good and evil. Through the eyes of a reluctant young hero, readers are invited on an odyssey that will define the future in the Age of Light. Remember the powers of imagination and with it manifest into reality the world of the Vision Quest.
This Vision Quest Guide's Training Manual is a rich compendium of teachings and tools for those who wish to become well-versed in the art of leading contemporary vision quests. It offers a grand view - the archetypal structure, mythological underpinnings, and historical context of the vision quest process. It also provides a storehouse of teachings about ritual - what it is (and isn't) -- medicine wheel traditions, physical plane concerns, and descriptions of specific rituals and how to do them. And it covers important details related to logistics, and the resources, requirements, and skills necessary for those who hope or plan to guide others.If you're curious or already an experienced guide, this training manual will provide you with new perspectives and possibilities within both a "traditional" vision quest and a vision quest designed to meet the rapidly changing world we live in today.
With her perceptions altered, Maya Lopez--a.k.a. Echo--embarks on a Native American vision quest to pick up the pieces of her shattered life.
A vision quest is a spiritual journey, a period of solitude and reflection during which one searches for inner revelations that will provide meaning and direction for life. Noted Native American shaman Wolf Moondance helps spiritual seekers reach their fullest potential through this traditional ritual. Moondance guides the way to magical healing, answering frequently asked questions, sharing her wisdom, and providing instructions for rituals and meditations. Find out how to make and use tools such as a medicine bundle, vision prayer stick, altar, and prayer ties that help you to achieve and interpret your vision. Case studies of four students demonstrate the healing, transformative powers of the vision quest, while artist Sky Starhawk’s exquisite paintings enhance the experience.
"A teen boy trains to be the best wrestler in the state, while having a romance with an older woman who lives with his family"--
This illustrated children's book is for all the little boys and girls who have big dreams and big visions. Following a little girl's journey of fulfilling her dream, she begins to believe more and more in achieving and realizing her vision. Holding a vision is about being brave enough to imagine the unimaginable. It is big, bold, and has the power to change everything. Kids will love diving into the world of wonders and possibilities, and grown-ups will feel excited to see their kids believing in themselves, their vision, and that anything they envision can indeed be achieved.
It's battles, betrayals and the bizarre as only Byrne could bring you! Watch as one of comicdom's most recognizable talents remakes the West Coast Avengers, starting with the capture and dismantling of the Vision! As secrets about the synthezoid come to light, the Whackos are determined to get their teammate back, safe and sound -but what happens when the Vision they recover isn' the Vision they remember? And most importantly, how will this shocking change affect the Vision and the Scarlet Witch' marriage...and family? COLLECTING: Avenger s West Coast 42-50
Companion Book to Soul Gifts: The World's Self-Help Book. Exercises based on an eight-point philosophy for living.
Discover humanity's connection with the cosmic forces of nature through Native American legends. The soothing imagery and spiritual symbols on the cards will bring you to a new understanding of our place in the cycle of life.
Photographic portraits of and interviews with sixty tribal members whose lives celebrate the significance of their Sioux heritage capture the rich culture of the Sioux nation, accompanied by panoramic studies of sacred sites and photographs of rituals and traditional celebrations. 25,000 first printing.
In the tradition of memoirs like Daniel Pinchbeck's 2012 and Jim Carroll's The Basketball Diaries, Adam Elenbaas's Fishers of Men chronicles his journey from intense self-destruction and crippling depression to self-acceptance, inner awareness, and spiritual understanding, through participation in mindexpanding-and healing ayahuasca ceremonies in South America and beyond. From his troubled and rebellious youth as a Methodist minister's son in Minnesota, to his sex and substance abuse-fueled downward spiral in Chicago and New York, culminating in a depressive breakdown, Elenbaas is plagued by a feeling of emptiness and a desperate search for meaning for most of his young life. After hitting rock bottom at his grandfather's house in rural Michigan, a chance experience with psychedelic mushrooms convinces him that he must change his ways to achieve the sense of peace that he has always desired. Several subsequent psychedelic experiences inspire him to embark on a quest to South America and take part in a shamanic ceremony, where he consumes ayahuasca, a jungle vine revered for its spiritual properties. Over the course of nearly forty ayahuasca ceremonies during four years, Elenbaas discovers the truth about his own life and past, and begins to mend himself from the inside out. Fishers of Men is the gripping, heartbreaking, and yet ultimately uplifting story of the power to transcend one's past.
Shamanism is an innate human power that lies dormant within us all. Drury shows how to use visionary magic, guided imagery, and directed dreaming to achieve alternate states of consciousness.
Lexie Jameson has one foot grounded in the rational world and the other in the ether. She yearns for wisdom; answers to mysteries like why are we here, and what is life about?Sudden retirement launches a year of profound reinvention. Lexie pursues her lifelong dream of being an artist and wisdom-seeker.As a pupil, she studies beliefs about the soul, the laws of the universe, experiences a range of metaphysical readings; learns about synchronicity, quantum physics, different states of consciousness, archetypes, the study of happiness, mythology and shamanism. Lexie studies with Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston, becomes a Chopra certified meditation teacher and begins to create life as she dreamed it could be.Through her daily journal, we join Lexie on her voyage of discovery.As she evolves spiritually, real life continues. She travels; learns to be healthier; more balanced in mind, body and spirit. She de-clutters, falls more deeply in love with her husband, helps care for her troubled sister, raises a puppy and relishes the most deeply fulfilling time in her life.At the end of her journey, Lexie realizes that it_s an inside job; the answers are always available when we tap into our inner wisdom.
• Christian theology as seen through the lens of Native American tradition A unique look at Christian biblical interpretation and theology from the perspective of Native American tradition, this book focuses on four specific experiences of Jesus as portrayed in the synoptic gospels. It examines each story as a “vision quest,” a universal spiritual phenomenon, but one of particular importance within North American indigenous communities. Jesus’ experience in the wilderness is the first quest. It speaks to a foundational Native American value: the need to enter into the “we” rather than the “I.” The Transfiguration is the second quest, describing the Native theology of transcendent spirituality that impacts reality and shapes mission. Gethsemane is the third quest. It embodies the Native tradition of the holy men or women, who find their freedom through discipline and concerns for justice, compassion, and human dignity. Golgotha is the final quest. It represents the Native sacrament of sacrifice (e.g., the Sun Dance). The chapter on Golgotha is a discussion of kinship, balance, and harmony: all primary to Native tradition and integral to Christian thought.
Zed's adventures continue in Wyoming as he undergoes a Shoshone vision quest and acquires yet another name. His path expands as a result of his vision and his growing circle of friends. Zed and a Shoshone medicine man named Ironbear interpret his vision and his purpose.
Many cultures incorporate the quest for visions as part of their right of passage from childhood into full adult status. Visions are believed to have profound spiritual, religious and prophetic significance. This was my quest. These are my visions. This is my story.
Seeking a vision like that of the great circle of love an old Bedouin described to Lawrence of Arabia, 'The love is from God and of God and towards God', this inspirational work features a series of meditations by the author, enriched by his wide-ranging insights.

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