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The digital revolution has brought with it a wider range of options for creating and producing print on paper products than ever seen before. With the growing demand for skills and knowledge with which to exploit the potential of digital technology, comes the need for a comprehensive book that not only makes it possible for production staff, editors, and designers to understand how the technology affects the industry they work in, but also provides them with the skills and competencies they need to work in it smartly and effectively. This book is designed to satisfy this need. Book Production falls into two parts: The first part deals with the increasingly important role of production as project managers, a role which has not been adequately written about in any of the recent literature on publishing. The second part deals with the processes and raw materials used in developing and manufacturing print on paper products. Case studies are used to illustrate why and how some processes or raw materials may or may not be appropriate for a particular job. With expert opinions and case studies, and a consideration of the practices and issues involved, this offers a comprehensive overview of book production for anyone working, or training to work in or in conjunction with the books industry.
These essays comprehensively and systematically examine British book production and publishing in the hundred years before the introduction of printing.
Patrons, Authors and Workshops invokes a cross-disciplinary approach to the study of late medieval books and book production in Paris, from the troubled years of the early fifteenth century onwards. It shows the extent to which such activity was able to flourish even against the backdrop of the endemic struggle between Burgundians and Armagnacs, or the subsequent English invasion which led to Agincourt and the regency of Bedford. Extensive coverage is given to the key role played by the libraire, to the author as scribe or copyist (Christine de Pisan, Jean Lebegue), and also to the development of commercial production under figures such as Jean Trepperel. A section on bibliophiles and their various commissions leads into a group of essays that focus on particular texts and authors, whilst a further section concentrates on what we can discover about the role of the scribe. The volume concludes with four essays offering insights into the work of particular artists and illuminators. The authors include scholars from the UK, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA. Godfried Croenen is Lecturer in French at the University of Liverpool. Peter Ainsworth is Professor of French at the University of Sheffield.

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