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Includes categorical listings of collectible comic books, arranged by type of comic, with issue titles, current prices, dates, and cross-references
The original Caliber Presents anthology title was one of Caliber Comic's inaugural releases in the 1990s and featured predominantly new creators, many of which went onto successful careers in the comics' industry. Continuing the relaunch of one of independent comics’ most acclaimed anthologies! This new version of Caliber Presents has expanded in size and scope. In addition to new voices, something that Caliber has always been known for, established professionals join the ranks in this ongoing anthology series. In this second volume, nominees and winners of such awards as Eisner; Harvey; Veric; Ghastly; Comic Monsters; and Shel Dorf are included. Writers Gary Reed, Gary Scott Beatty, Mark Bertolini, E. Mayen Briem, Ken Meyer Jr., Sam Costello, Glenn Moane, Jason Walz, and Orion Petitclerc; with illustrations by Trevor Denham, Predrag Ivanovic, Jason Jarava, Sami Makkonen, Gary Scott Beatty, Ken Meyer Jr., Marcelo Salaza, Denis Vermesse, and Andy Bennett. For fans that enjoy Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Tales from the Crypt and Alfred Hitchcock Presents! A Caliber Comics release.
Locating Emerging Media focuses on the tensions between the local and global in the design, distribution, and use of emerging media forms, building on scholarship on the cultural geography of new media networks and products and the relationships between the "global" and the "local." Authors consider new media practices, texts, services, software, policies, infrastructures, and design discourses that enrich existing relationships between creative industries and cultures of production, reception, and engagement. This consideration highlights the relationships between global and local perspectives and new media technologies and practices emerging within (and through) the geography and culture of particular places. Areas examined include East Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, South Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the Middle East. Through all is the recognition that what is new or emergent around the globe is unique in each locality.
This book complements and expands on the commentary and conclusions of the author's initial inquiry into the modern era of media-made culture in The Visual Focus of American Media Culture in the Twentieth Century (FDUP, 2004). From the 1890s on to the 1920s and the Depression and World War II years, society's pervasively communal focus demanded idealized images and romanticized interpretations of life. But the communal imperative, as it was impacted on by evolving social change, harbored the seeds of its own disintegration. The sociocultural uprooting of another world war, the anxieties attendant to the Atomic Age, and two later sociopolitically divisive military conflicts culminated in the societal upheavals of the 1960s and an increasingly problematic and socially fragmented nation. As Visual Focus did, this second book also relies on the visual metaphor of the mediated vision to show how the visually oriented communication forms of the media culture have influenced and contributed to the origin of varied subcultural sectors in the postmodern era, extending from the appearance of television in the late 1940s to the advent of the Internet near the end of the twentieth century.
In its 114th year, Billboard remains the world's premier weekly music publication and a diverse digital, events, brand, content and data licensing platform. Billboard publishes the most trusted charts and offers unrivaled reporting about the latest music, video, gaming, media, digital and mobile entertainment issues and trends.
This is an inviting and succinct guide to our nation's musical culture. Kingman's view of American music as a number of distinct parallel streams is reflected in this text and includes the following: folk and ethnic music; popular sacred music; the southern music of country, blues, and rock; popular secular music; jazz; and classical music. Contrasting these across regions and times, he delivers a clear vision of the historical roles of music and composers in American culture.
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"Who was that woman?" sets out to demonstrate the place of the Weekly in the lives of Australian women during this era. It incorporates a social history of the period when the nuclear family and strictly gendered roles reached its height and then began to decline under the pressure of women's return to the workplace.
"This comprehensive English survey of Austrian film introduces more than a century of cinema, following the development of the industry chronologically through the nation's various transformations since 1895. Important industry movements, genres and films are highlighted with sociopolitical, cultural and aesthetic details. An analysis of the economic trends that have influenced Austrian film is also provided"--Provided by publisher.

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