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My Broken Silence, captures the mind of a young man who was raised as an orthodox Jew who then made the transition to the secular world. Through the poems, My Broken Silence delves into religion, politics, a parents divorce, and the secular world, which is a culture shock to him. My Broken Silence, is deeply honest and through dark humor and despair will engage the reader for an enjoyable read.
Broken Silence by Maggie Shayne\Eileen Wilks\Anne Marie Winston released on Apr 24, 2003 is available now for purchase.
This is a collection of 23 original interviews with stars of the silent screen, with biographical information and a filmography included for each. Interviewed are Lew Ayres, William Bakewell, Lina Basquette, Madge Bellamy, Eleanor Boardman, Ethlyne Clair, Junior Coghlan, Joyce Compton, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Dorothy Gulliver, Maxine Elliott Hicks, Dorothy Janis, George Lewis, Marion Mack, Patsy Ruth Miller, Lois Moran, Baby Marie Osborne, Muriel Ostriche, Eddie Quillan, Esther Ralston, Dorothy Revier, David Rollins and Gladys Walton.
This book addresses the interlocking systems of race and gender in institutions of higher education in America. The study is based on empirical data from African American women of various disciplines in faculty and administrative positions at traditionally white colleges and universities. It focuses primarily on narratives of the women in terms of how they are affected by racism, as well as sexism as they perform their duties in their academic environments. The findings suggest that a common thread exists relative to the experiences of the women. The book challenges and dispels the myth that Black progress has led to equality for African American women in the academy. The results of this study make it even more critical that the voices of African American women be heard and their experiences in the academy be expressed. This may be one way to inform academic and lay readers that racism and sexism are not dead.
"Broken Silence" presents a collection of very personal poems that get to the heart of who author James R. Dixon is and what he has to say. He believes that sometimes the quiet ones have the most to say, but getting others to hear them can be a problem. Being di erent can mean that you may nd yourself explaining your actions to others. Dixon has written Broken Silence to explain his feelings and emotions on many subjects that are important to him, as well as to change everyone's preconceived notions about him. After years of being persecuted by others who don't approve of him, "Broken Silence" is also his break-through collection explaining his thoughts and feelings on relationships and other personal issues. Divided into four sections covering love, emotions, resilience, and good, these verse seek to o er hope and inspiration to others who are struggling to nd themselves in the world. "Misery Loves Company" Third time is said to be a charm, but turned out that it wasn't So what do I make of dating you as I felt my time was a waste Good times were minimal, but then it becomes clear You were brought here to teach me a lesson About karma as they say what goes around comes around I've been around with you on more than one occasion"
Dougs third book of poetry Broken Silence is his trilogy of poetry, in which he returns to his roots of what inspired him to write. This collection of poems focuses on romance, heartbreak, family, motivation and dealing with the struggles that a person may encounter in life. The poems convey his feelings about how important loved ones are with the dedication poem to his mother, First Lady. The poem In Memory of You, was written for his Grandmother he lost to cancer. Doug discusses the joys of love and finding that connection with a person in his heartfelt poems Notice You and Falling For You. He also addresses the pain of losing a relationship in his poems I Remember When and Off The Market, where sometimes putting your heart on the line does not guarantee,a person will end up with the result that was being sought out. In addition, his poem U.G.L.Y. inspires people that no matter what the opinion others may have of a person, there is strength to overcome any insecurity to find the path of secure inner happiness. The poem In My World addresses the struggles and pains that he views others dealing with in terms of unemployment and how it is affecting the world. Dougs purpose in writing this book is to share his thoughts in a poetic form so others can see that no one is ever alone in feeling like the only outcast in the world. We are all unique in our own special way, and live every day as you are painting the world with your vision for everyone to see. Broken Silence will stimulate a persons mind and show that most valuable things in life primarily come from within and understanding others.

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