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An effective, long-term strategy for maintaining corporate growth, profit and competitive edge Depicting a progressive emergent framework for long-term growth, profitability, and success, Business Restructuring: An Action Template for Reducing Cost and Growing Profit employs an integrated approach incorporating several of the most popular methodologies and best-in-class practices into a single proven framework. Beginning with an overview of restructuring and what is needed up-front to be successful, this "How to Cookbook" helps you Understand business restructuring and cost reduction techniques How to transform any organization into one that is high performing Realize efficiencies through the reorganization of resources, improving processes, and identifying outsourcing opportunities Sustain results and achieve continued efficiency, profitability, and growth Describes the right leadership team dynamics to make sure the changes stick Whether you are a business leader or manager, Business Restructuring takes you through a logical series of steps that will provide you with immediately useful tactics to apply on a regular basis to achieve immediate results, as well as a long-term roadmap to deliver performance excellence and increase shareholder value.
Recent megatrends such as increasing complexity, volatility, internationalization and increased demand for transparency and compliance have changed the expectations towards the controlling function. During his professional experience, the author observed the increased expectations towards the controlling function. If controlling is to maintain its influence in a company, it needs to adapt to the changes in management expectations. To outline "how to increase the value added by the controlling function in multinational production companies", four research questions were addressed and answered. The questions which were answered were "what does controlling involve and which factors influence the set-up of the controlling function in a company", "how are the expectations towards the controlling function changing over time and what is its value contribution", "how can the controlling function add value to standard reporting and budgeting activities" and "how can the controlling function add value to reorganization activities".
‚ÄčThe work of Martin Schmuck empirically investigates the phenomenon of financial distress and corporate turnaround in the automotive supplier industry. Based on a sample of 194 publicly listed automotive suppliers, the effectiveness of managerial, operational, financial, and asset restructuring activities is analyzed in a multivariate research setting. Archetypes for successful turnarounds are identified and matched with strategies of non-distressed companies.

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