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A moving love story inspired by a true story and perfect for fans of The Help In a time of hate, would you stand up for love? Shalerville, Kentucky, 1939. A world where black maids and handymen are trusted to raise white children and tend to white houses, but from which they are banished after dark. Sixteen-year-old Isabelle McAllister, born into wealth and privilege, finds her ordered life turned upside down when she becomes attracted to Robert, the ambitious black son of her family’s housekeeper. Before long Isabelle and Robert are crossing extraordinary, dangerous boundaries and falling deeply in love. Many years later, eighty-nine-year-old Isabelle will travel from her home in Arlington, Texas, to Ohio for a funeral. With Isabelle is her hairstylist and friend, Dorrie Curtis – a black single mother with her own problems. Along the way, Isabelle will finally reveal to Dorrie the truth of her painful past: a tale of forbidden love, the consequences of which will resound for decades . . . ‘If Julie Kibler's novel Calling Me Home were a young woman, her grandmother would be To Kill a Mockingbird, her sister would be The Help and her cousin would be The Notebook. But even with such iconic relatives, Calling Me Home stands on her own’ Wiley Cash, New York Times bestselling author of A Land More Kind Than Home ‘Julie Kibler’s writing is so wise and assured. I laughed out loud in places and had tears in my eyes as I turned the last page’ Diane Chamberlain 'If you liked The Help by Kathryn Stockett, you’ll absolutely love Calling Me Home' Red magazine
Kari Lee marks her debut in the world of western fiction with the release of her novel "Calling Me Home." This new book is a brilliantly orchestrated story of love, faith, grace and redemption set in the riveting landscape of the American West. Suffused with the zeitgeist of the 1880s, "Calling Me Home" follows the cowboy Samuel P. McKinley and his dream to go back home and start a family. Sam lives and works away from his hometown and this left him with the yearning to find a wife with whom he can share his days with . "Calling Me Home" is a western adventure, spellbinding romance and spiritual odyssey. The Author Kari Lee hopes that her book imparts a message of hope and the importance of having faith in God. "We need to strengthen everyone's faith in God and through his grace we will all be blessed."
"This book is a journey for truth."-Samuel Kader Sr., Pastor, Community Gospel Church, Dayton, Ohio, Openly Gay, Openly Christian, Leyland Publications. Am I going to hell because I am gay? Is homosexuality a sin? Should I remain celibate my entire life? If you or someone you love is struggling with these issues, this book is for you. Follow Reverend Elaine Sundby's journey as she takes us on her personal quest for truth and self-acceptance-a path that eventually led her to enter the ministry. Reverend Sundby was determined to discover God's plan for her and equally determined to do what was right in the eyes of God, without taking "the easy way out." Simple to understand, yet rooted in spiritual truth, Calling the Rainbow Nation Home has the potential to heal-to heal the battered soul of the Christians who are struggling to reconcile their homosexuality with their faith, and to heal their relationships with those who love them and want to understand. A new era is just beginning in the gay Christian community, as thousands begin to realize that God loves us all just as we are.
Surveys the latest developments in Aboriginal music across Australia and traces some of the historical influences which have shaped it
Since the publication of the first volume of “In Search of the Lost”, Volume Two, still the poems in this work are a humble attempt to explore our human search for meaning and purpose. We hope you enjoy the poems in Volume Two. We believe both works should be explored together. Included in the Second Volume of “In Search of the Lost”, by Emily Jane Elliott and Jeffrey Eugene Elliott are four poems originally included in the First Volume of “In Search of the Lost”. The four poems from the first volume also included in this volume are, Streets of Fire, Gauisus Dia, Heaven Descends to Dwell, Amelia and Memories. Additionally, the poem, “Search” was added upon from the version found in Volume One. We hope that you enjoy Volume Two as much as readers indicated they enjoyed Volume One. This poetry is dedicated to Owen, Ryder, Matthew and Trace with great love and pride.
Robbed They ask me how I feel I keep all in, instead I rather lie But the truth comes out and robs me Of all good Sadness fills my mind After all these years I still can’t get a witness. Run Away I figure if I could just run away from everybody and start over again things will change all people remember is my hopeless dreams I want to go here I want to move there I like this I want that is what everybody hear so she dream...... hope-in they’ll come to fruition deep down in side she want’s to run away.... run way..... from the pain that has grown deep with in.

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