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Tells the life story of the marine animal rights activist, including his personal life, his cofounding Greenpeace at age eighteen, and his decision to move to more aggressive tactics to protect the ocean's creatures.
Captain Paul Watson of Whale Wars fame and founder and CEO of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society decided to publish what is one of his most famous poems. The Haunted Mariner is what poetry should be and will be enjoyed by poetry enthusiasts all around the world.
This book scrutinizes the growth of the ‘eco-terrorism’ movement operating on a global scale, focusing on the main groups and their more radical offshoots, both historically and those currently active. These include Earth First!, the Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Liberation Front and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It critically examines how these groups form and how they have evolved, their key personnel, their strategies and tactics, principles, motivating philosophies and attitudes to violence. Specifically, the book seeks to understand whether such groups inevitably evolve from activists to militants to terrorists, as the literature suggests. Lastly, it considers the future of such groups, asking whether they will become more prominent as more people become ecologically aware and as global environmental conditions deteriorate, or whether such groups have peaked as a force for environmental change.
The author describes his life and his many campaigns to stop the the slaughter of baby harp seals.
What it means for global sustainability when environmentalism is dominated by the concerns of the affluent -- eco-business, eco-consumption, wilderness preservation.

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