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The step-by-step instructions make it easy to create, edit, and distribute your Flash files. Each chapter includes sample screen shots as well as tips for making your work more efficient and avoiding common pitfalls.
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Adobe Captivate 3: The Definitive Guide, the follow-up to Wordware’s popular Macromedia Captivate: The Definitive Guide, steps you through all the procedures needed to create Flash movies based on any software on your desktop. You’ll learn how to create Flash movies, edit individual screens, add and edit sound, even add interactivity (with or without grading) for complete customization. The expanded e-learning chapter in this edition discusses a variety of ways to build quizzing functions with individual questions and question pools. A chapter on branching shows how to move slide elements on a visual display, and how to create paths through a movie that give each viewer a unique experience. This book covers everything from getting the software installed and activated, manipulating the movie files, adding and editing audio, and building quizzes, all the way to delivery mechanisms of the final output and integrating your movies with other applications. With this book, learn to install and configure Captivate; create and edit movies; add, delete, edit, and rearrange slides; incorporate audio and interactivity in your movies; create e-learning content through the use of question slides and branching functions; use a variety of Captivate tools including templates and MenuBuilder.
A visual guide on how to use Adobe Captivate 5 for developing e-Learning modules. Step-by-step guide with screen shots and clear guidelines how accomplish various tasks in Captivate quickly. Topics include: * The new features in Captivate 5 * Setting project preferences and quiz settings * Using Templates, master slides and object styles * Recording * Adding Text Captions * Adding Images * Adding Interactivity * Adding Emphasis and Attracting Attention * Adding Audio & Configuring Closed Captions * Using the Text-to-Speech Feature * Adding video * Keeping it Organized & Standardized * Working with PowerPoint Projects * Adding a Table of Contents & Skins * Creating Quizzes * Creating LMS-Ready Files * Publishing for a Learning Management System * Publishing for an Autorun CD
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Step by step tutorial to build three projects including a demonstration, a simulation and a random SCORM-compliant quiz featuring all possible question slides. Enhance your projects by adding interactivity, animations, sound and more. Publish your project in a wide variety of formats enabling virtually any desktop and mobile devices to play your e-learning content. Deploy your e-Learning content on a SCORM or AICC-compliant LMS Learn by doing. Each concept is immediately explained with a meaningful exercise.
A tutorial-based approach to learning the basics of Adobe Captivate to help bring your existing eLearning content to mobile platforms. The book will help readers to learn at their own pace with practical examples and step-by-step instructions.This book has been primarily written for teachers, course designers, professors, curriculum experts, subject matter experts, and eLearning developers who want to provide mobile-friendly content to their students.A basic knowledge of your operating system is required to follow the exercises of this book. No prior knowledge of Captivate is required, although some experience with Captivate would be useful

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