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Vivian Sobchack considers the key roles our bodies play in making sense of the modern image-saturated culture. Emphasizing our corporeal rather than our intellectual engagements with film, she shows how our experience always emerges through our senses & how our bodies are sense-making, visual sunjects.
‘Resist The Devil’ is an introduction to how the demonic kingdom operates in today’s world. In these last days, the evil kingdom has gained a very strong hold over the lives of those who have been called and chosen of God. When we as children of God, deviate from God's design for our lives, the devil and his army of demons gain hold over our lives. We can resist the devil when we repent of our unrighteous, sinful ways and turn back from displeasing God, allowing the Lord to have His way in our lives and to teach us to follow His design for our lives. In this book you will learn: 1. How the evil kingdom gains hold over our carnal minds and how we can renew our minds. 2. How carnal emotions like hatred, bitterness, hurts, fear, etc. invite demonic invasion into our lives and how our Lord Jesus can set us free from these emotions. 3. How sin opens door to demonic invasion and how we can deal with the biggest bondage to sin in our lives. 4. How evil spirits get entry into our lives when we believe a lie and how the Lord Jesus can set us free from bondage to lies. 5. How a bond of love between two people can invite evil spirits into our lives through ungodly soul ties and how one can be set free from demonic invasion. 6. What is sorcery and witchcraft? 7. How we can counter witchcraft attacks. 8. How a person's soul can be imprisoned in an underground prison by the demonic kingdom, the damages caused by demons through captivity and how we can partner with the Lord Jesus to rescue souls from captivity. 9. How an army of demons enter our lives through a traumatic incident and how we can be set free from its impact on our lives. 10. How we can partner with the Lord Jesus in a war against Satan’s army of demons. 11. The authority we have in Christ to go against evil spirits. 12. What it means to put on the whole armor of God.
This book questions the de facto dominance of narrative when watching films. Using the film musical as a case study, this book explores whether an alternative spatial understanding of film can offer alternative readings to narrative. For instance, how do film aesthetics influence our interaction with the film? Can camera movement and music make us ‘feel’ cinema? Can the film world bleed into our own? Utilising film musicals ranging from those by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers to von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark (2000), Feeling Film: A Spatial Approach investigates how we might go about understanding the audience's spatial relationship with film aesthetics, what it might look like, and the tools needed to conduct analysis.
This book traces the operation of duration in cinema, and argues that temporality should be a central concern of film scholarship. It explores the concepts of duration and rhythm, resonance and uncertainty, affect, sense and texture, to bring a fresh pers
Men's Cinema offers a fresh theorisation of men in Hollywood cinema via a theoretical discussion of definitions of masculinity and the close textual analysis of classic and contemporary films. Through an examination of mise-en-scene, Men's Cinema moves beyond discussions of representation and narrative to an exploration of the physical or instinctive effects of cinema and how we are invited to engage with, desire or identify with Hollywood's vision of men and masculinity. By delineating how Hollywood has built up and refined the language of men's cinema through a series of recurrent, refined tropes, this book critically explores masculinity and the concept of a male aesthetic within film.Films discussed include: The Deer Hunter, Dirty Harry, Goodfellas, Inception, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Once Upon a Time in the West, Point Break, Raging Bull, Rebel Without A Cause, Reservoir Dogs, Sherlock Holmes, There's Always Tomorrow, The Wild Bunch.
Jeff’s life would be so much better if he were the one directing it Close-up: Mary running toward him with tears in her eyes. “Oh, my darling, I couldn’t wait to get back.” Cut to long shot: Jeff puts his arms around her. They kiss. Fade out. Jeff already sees everything as a scene in a movie, planning the camera angles and imagining people reading the lines he’ll write for them. As soon as he saves up enough money to move to California, he’s going to quit his dishwashing job, and then . . . look out for Director Orloff! Unfortunately, Mary Silver doesn’t seem to have read the script. When they were in high school drama club together, she never noticed Jeff, and now that she’s back in town, a new player has entered the scene: Mary’s infant daughter, Hannah. Being a mom is a full-time job, but Jeff knows that Mary was born to be an actress—he’s seen her come alive on stage, transforming into her character from the inside out. Her kind of talent is in a class by itself. If only Mary could see herself as Jeff sees her—beautiful and talented . . . and utterly in love with him. Will their romance always be just in his head? Or can he win Mary’s heart another way—by figuring out what it means to be a friend to her, and to Hannah?

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