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This book is the perfect start for anyone interested in learning how to carve detailed faces. Mary Finn uses her practice stick method to show you how to carve each feature - eyes, nose, closed mouth, open mouth - with step by step directions that even beginners will find easy to follow. Then she shows you how to arrange all of these pieces into one wooden egg to make a convincing head! This method has helped hundreds of Marys students, and is a sure-fire way to get started! Egg head projects included in this book are an old man, a pirate, and the Mad Hatter. Mary shows you how to adapt her carving techniques to flatter surfaces to make jewelry (like a bolo tie project) and how to paint your pieces for maximum impact. This book is terrific for beginners, and a great way for more advanced carvers to enlarge their skills.
Youve got to crack some eggs to make an omelet, and thats just what author Tom Wolfe has done. Tom finds out what is inside those wooden eggs found at craft stores and woodworking suppliers. This an interesting and informative book goes from the blank egg, through drawing, and finishing. Step-by-step the reader is taken through two projects, a caricature head and a bird, learning the techniques of good caricature carving from one of the best. Each step is photographed in a clear, color image, with concise, easy-to-understand explanations of what is happening and how to do it. This is the perfect book for beginning carvers and old dogs looking to learn new tricks!
Transform a piece of wood into a charming figure or just a practical object in just a weekend using traditional carving techniques.
It's the summer of 2004 and Freddie Holtzman cant wait to get to Camp Mason, a summer camp for eggheads or rather, gifted teens. He hopes to reconnect with Ginny Haig, a girl he met at camp last year. Freddies old friends, Logan and Monty, are there along with some new faces. He tries to win Ginnys affection, but every time he tries to talk to her, he saysand doesnerdy things. At Camp Mason, a science fair pits the eggheads against one another for the top prize of a five thousand dollar scholarship. But, when the projects go missing, friendships are put to the test, relationships get put on hold, and everyones a suspect. To make matters worse, the camp is haunted by young Billy Mason who died there decades ago. The boys are determined to solve the mystery of the ghost and the missing science projects. Freddies quest to win the scholarshipand the girl of his dreamsare constantly in jeopardy. There are complications at every turn: the ghost, a creepy caretaker, Freddies high school nemesis, a cantankerous camp manager, and a saboteur all threaten his chance to win the prize and Ginnys heart.
Describes the equipment, tools, and techniques used in the carving process, and offers step-by-step instructions for detailed projects.
Comprehensive handbook shows beginning and veteran woodcrafters how to create caricatures, rocking horse, hundreds of other items. Over 1,000 illustrations.
A re you a carver looking for a fun new carving experience-with a twist? Whether you are new to sweet potato carving or an experienced artist looking to master new techniques, Twisted Taters is your invitation to fun and satisfying crafting. Yam carving is fun and easy-and it just got better. Steve DuBridge takes this art form to a new level. Using detailed, step-by-step guidance, he takes you through four projects, providing tips, pointers, and insight along the way. He also includes an extensive gallery that can be used as a springboard for your next carving adventure! For years, carvers have had to accept the frustration of seeing their creations turn moldy and decay. With the Twisted Taters method, this is no longer the case. Your creation dries in just a few days, developing marvelous texture and twisted features that are strangely human. With the tips and techniques offered here, you can take this fun and easy hobby to a new level!
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