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From building roads through dense forests, mining the earth for raw ore, laying pipe, constructing power developments, to creating golf courses, Caterpillar's earthmoving machines have played an important role in shaping our world. Caterpillar Earthmovers at Work features Caterpillars in action moving massive amounts of rock, dirt, trees and anything else in their path. See these machines used in forestry & logging, road construction, railway construction, hydroelectric power projects, mining and much more.A treat for all heavy equipment fans.
This awe-inspiring collection covers the largest, top-of-the-line mining equipment in each of the manufacturer's five major classes; haulers, wheel loaders, hydraulic shovels, graders, and bulldozers. Design, development, and production histories are accompanied by the stories of these gargantuan machines in service, as well as details of the Herculean efforts required for their assembly. Incredible modern color photography from both the author and the Caterpillar archives provide shots of the equipment in action and production, not to mention detail shots to help explain their working componentry.
Agriculture & farming.
An inside look at the factories that forge the giant machines of today's mining, logging, and construction industries.
Detailed images from factories and job sites show amazing loaders, graders, scrapers and attachments at work.
This book examines the Texas-based company's heavy equipment that has been used in the mining, construction, and oil industries from the 1920s to present. Two hundred photos illustrate the fascinating tales behind LeTourneau breakthroughs like the first electric-diesel front-end loader. Founder Robert Gilmour LeTourneau is regarded as the father of high-volume earthmoving equipment, and holds more U.S. patents than any other person, save Thomas Edison. Fans of heavy equipment are sure to enjoy this profile of the manufacturer of the world's largest front-end loaders.

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