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Discusses the genetic ancestors of wild cats and presents information on the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and threats to different kinds of wild cats, including servals, jaguars, and lynxes.
Focuses on the animal's track pattern, making windblown and obscured tracks identifiable.
The epic Riddle in Stone fantasy saga comes to a dramatic, action-packed conclusion as the kingdom’s most unlikely hero faces his own demise. Following Riddle in Stone and Betrayal in the Highlands, Blood in the Snow serves as a thrilling finale to the beloved series by the author of the Quests of the Kings trilogy. Having committed treason by claiming the Highlands for his own kingdom, Edmund—the one-eyed, stuttering former librarian—decides to stop running and make his final stand. Along with his best friend, Pond Scum, and his manic dog, Becky, he must fight off goblins, magic users, and King Lionel’s entire army in order to protect what he loves. However, his deadliest adversary is the approaching winter, and neither Edmund nor his men have the supplies they need to survive . . .
According to ancient Egyptian lore, the goddess Bast, who protected her worshippers from disease and hard luck, had the figure of a woman and the head of a cat. Egyptians loved their feline companions, including them in family portraits, mummifying them alongside their owners, and creating exquisite works of sculpture around their graceful forms. Four thousand years later, the cat continues to charm us. Katharine M. Rogers traces our relationship with this curious creature in Cat, an entertaining look at one of the most popular pets in the world. From the domestic cat’s emergence in ancient Egypt to its enormous popularity in the contemporary United States, Rogers uncovers the feline’s cultural history in all its numerous forms: rat-catcher, witch’s familiar, and even the inscrutable creature that inspired Lewis Carroll and Edgar Allan Poe. As Rogers demonstrates, our fascination with cats lies in their uncanny ability to embody just about any character—from sweet to ferocious, affectionate to independent, eerie to elegant. Cat will be relished by anyone who appreciates these lovable companions and their amazing ability to bring joy to our lives.
Joe and Mary Ann McDonald have traveled the world for over thirty years, creating incredible images of breathtaking places and the incredible creatures that inhabit them. In this book, they have collected over two hundred of their favorite images of big cats from around the globe—from the majestic lions of Africa, to the powerful jaguars of South America, to the elusive tigers of Asia. The McDonald’s also share the stories behind the images, taking you alongside them through some of the most remote parts of the world and into the cultures and traditions of the people living in the midst of big cats. Whether you’re a travel buff, wild animal lover, or just obsessed with the ancestry of the small cat in your living room, the images and stories in this engaging book are sure to thrill!

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