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How well do you think logically? Find out with these puzzles. But don't forget the degree of difficulty increases as you go.
In spite of the fact that logic puzzles are based on words and ideas, there is an amazing variety to be found. There are fascinating number puzzles, too. Indeed, numbers themselves are puzzles: There are ten digits and twenty-six letters, but the variety of words is finite while numbers are infinite. Words and numbers are both handled by the left hemisphere of the human brain and processed in the same way, regardless of their seeming differences. Thus traditional formats for word-based puzzles, such as crosswords and word searches, also get their own numeric treatments.
Part of a fun range of pocket-sized puzzle books for adults. Designed to test your powers of deduction, determination and diligence, the cryptic codes, conundrums and sequence puzzles in this book could drive even the most determined of puzzlers to distraction!
A solitaire version of the classic paper and pencil game! A grid shows an "ocean," in which a flotilla of vessels--that you have to find--is concealed. Most of the puzzles have helpful hints revealing the contents of a few squares, and indicate how many squares in the corresponding rows and columns that contain ships. Sample puzzles show strategies for eliminating possibilities and clueing into likely arrangements. Puzzles are ranked according to difficulty.
Battleships is a logic puzzle based on the Battleships guessing game. In a square grid of 8 x 8 small squares, an armada of battleships is located. There is one battleship of 4 squares, two cruisers of 3 squares, three destroyers of 2 squares, and four submarines of 1 square. Each ship occupies a number of contiguous squares on the grid, arranged either horizontally or vertically. The boats are placed so that no boat touches any other boat, not even diagonally. The numbers on the bottom and on the right of the grid show how many squares in the corresponding rows and columns are occupied by ships. Occasionally some squares may contain given ship or water segments as hints to help start the puzzle. The object is to discover where all ships are located.
250 Challenging Logic Puzzles 9x9.Hitori (from Japanese "Hitori ni shite kure"; literally "let me alone") is played on a grid of squares. At the beginning, each cell contains a number. The goal is to paint out some cells so that there are no duplicate numbers in any row or column, similar to the solved state of a Sudoku puzzle (except with black squares added to the grid).Orthogonal connections are important as well; painted-out (black) cells cannot be connected orthogonally, and the other cells must be connected orthogonally in a single group (i.e. no two black squares can be adjacent to each other, and all un-painted squares must be connected, horizontally or vertically, to create a single shape).
It's only logical--boost your brainpower with 150 logic puzzles for adults. It's time to give your mental muscles a real workout! Stuffed full of clever and cunning challenges, this collection of logic puzzles for adults is perfect for puzzlers looking to prove (and improve) their skill. Featuring a variety of puzzle types--including Sudoku, Masyu, Logic Grids, and Nonograms--these easy-to-understand (but tough-to-solve) puzzles will help keep your mind sharp as you remain engaged and entertained for days to come. Brainpower on! This exciting book of logic puzzles for adults includes: 150 puzzles, 1 big collection--Find a plethora of logic puzzles for adults all packed into one portable package. True brain-busters--Stretch your abilities with puzzles that are designed to be tough--even for master puzzlers! Plenty of options--Banish boredom with several types of puzzles, including math-focused Calcudoku and innovative Cryptic Puzzles that require both code breaking and creative thinking. Test your mental acumen with this collection of truly challenging logic puzzles for adults.

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