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Thirteen women's studies pioneers from eleven Asian countries narrate their individual passages into feminist consciousness and the monumental effect of women's studies on their private and professional lives. Each woman's odyssey moves against the backdrop of her country's social and political systems, as well as through the dailiness of her family life. In their efforts to balance demanding careers-as anthropologists, economists, psychologists, and even as a member of parliament-with "normal" family lives, these women all come to realize that their husbands experienced no such difficulties. They regard women's studies as a key strategy for changing women's lives, just as it has changed theirs. In Changing Lives, women's studies link these stories, although the individual narratives are extremely diverse" Aurora Javate de Dios worked as a political activist in the Philippines in the 1970s, then married and reared three children before becoming a women's studies pionerr; Economist Fareeha Zafar worked to establish the first women's trade union in Pakistan in the early 1970s and to found the Women's Action Forum, and women's studies in Pakistan; After Liang Jun of China, at 40, married, with two children and an academic career, attended a lecture by Li Xiaojiang she suddenly saw a "lighthouse on a dark sea". Contributors: Noemi Alindogan-Medina (Philippines); Fanny M. Cheung (Hong Kong); Aurora Javate Dios (Philippines); Cho Hyoung (South Korea); Liang Jun (China); Malavika Karlekar (India); Nora Lan-hung Chiang [Huang] (Taiwan); Yasuko Murumatsu (Japan); Thanh-Dam Truong (Vietnam); Aline K. Wong (Singapore); Li Xiaojiang (China); Fareeha Zafar (Pakistan)
One of the most astonishing aspects of juvenile crime is how little is known about the impact of the policies and programs put in place to fight it. The most commonly used strategies and programs for combating juvenile delinquency problems primarily rely on intuition and fads. Fortunately, as a result of the promising new research documented in Changing Lives, these deficiencies in our juvenile justice system might quickly be remedied. Peter W. Greenwood here demonstrates here that as crimes rates have fallen, researchers have identified more connections between specific risk factors and criminal behavior, while program developers have discovered a wide array of innovative interventions. The result of all this activity, he reveals, has been the revelation of a few prevention models that reduce crime much more cost-effectively than popular approaches such as tougher sentencing, D.A.R.E., boot camps, and "scared straight" programs. Changing Lives expertly presents the most promising of these prevention programs, their histories, the quality of evidence to support their effectiveness, the public policy programs involved in bringing them into wider use, and the potential for investments and developmental research to increase the range and quality of programs.
There can be few if any historians working in the wide field of Middle East Studies--and certainly none in the world of Islamic art and architecture--who are unacquainted with historian and archaeologist George Scanlon. At different times from the mid-1950s to the present day he has lived, worked, and studied in Egypt. For a major part of that period, he has been associated with the American University in Cairo, where he is currently professor of Islamic art and architecture in the Department of Arabic Studies. Although diverse in subject matter, the essays collected here in his honor together present a composite picture of Cairo, and more broadly of Islamic history and culture, from early medieval times to the present day. As such they provide a fitting tribute to one of the most eminent of scholars in the field. Some contributors are one-time students of Professor Scanlon, others are colleagues who, over the years, have worked with him in Egypt, the United States, or Britain. The essays themselves reflect the wide variety of sources contributors have drawn on from international Islamic collections and archives for topics that range broadly from medieval artifacts, architecture, and society to current issues of law, literature, philosophy, and urban change.
Encouragement For Your Journey Daily bite size words of faith, hope and love to nourish your spirit. In her personal, warm and insightful style, Marion Morrison gives us words that will help soothe your soul, increase your faith and guide you on your journey. This book of over 35 life changing truths and prayers will become a powerful tool to help navigate through the transitions you are facing in life. "Changing Lives" will change your life.
Outlines a program of therapy that makes use of the identification of suppressed emotions to help people discover the power they have to change their own lives
Changing Lives recounts the experiences of a dozen men on probation in Massachusetts who took classes for three months to read and talk about great works of literature. The men explored the writings of Malcolm X, Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov, amongst others. In these writings the men discovered many issues relating to their own lives, such as substance abuse, family breakdown, poverty and racism. The lessons create a safe space for reflection and earnest conversation, in which the students no longer have to bluff or be cool, guarded, or evasive. And because the classroom puts them on equal footing with authority figures - teachers, probation officers and even judges - a new social awareness begins to emerge. Changing Lives shows how reawakening moral consciousness and a fresh commitment to society is essential if probationers are not to cycle endlessly through the limbo of street life and jail time.
An examination of the lives of women who influenced, and were influenced by, northern Ontario.

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