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Attitudes towards, and strategies for treating, those who suffer from abnormal mental states have evolved considerably over the centuries, and these are reflected in the various literary genres of all eras. In its introduction, this book provides a concise, yet thorough, overview of this phenomenon, citing key examples taken from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Each of the eight chapters which constitute Part One of this study then focuses on representations of a particular mental health issue in a work of literature produced by a twenty-first-century French woman writer. Considering the causes and symptoms of the given condition, it situates the representation of its treatment in relation to current attitudes and practices in the West. Inspired by the concept that reading literature which concentrates on mental health problems can be both informative and of comfort to those affected by such issues, Part Two provides detailed textual analyses, and discusses the English-language versions, of four works examined in Part One which already exist in translation. Suggesting how these may be of benefit to an Anglophone readership, it recommends that the four remaining texts, which may be equally helpful, are suitable for translation into English.
The study of Arabic literature is blossoming. This book provides a comprehensive theoretical framework to help research this highly prolific and diverse production of contemporary literary texts. Based on the achievements of historical poetics, in particular those of Russian formalism and its theoretical legacy, this framework offers flexible, transparent, and unbiased tools to understand the relevant contexts within the literary system. The aim is to enhance our understanding of Arabic literature, throw light on areas of literary production that traditionally have been neglected, and stimulate others to take up the fascinating challenge of mapping out and exploring them.
In collaboration with Hay Festival and [email protected] Introduced by Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project. A being from another time and planet visits Earth, and takes human form for one year, as a European... A young woman’s tyrannical father has arranged her marriage to an influential suitor, but a mythical bull from her dreams comes to her rescue... A group of students in Tallinn’s Freedom Square imagine where the rise in right-wing fascism may have taken Europe by 2050... With so many flare-ups of nationalism and isolationism in recent years, there is a sense that Europe needs to be fixed, or, at the very least, profoundly reconfigured; whether it is to address the grievances of those feeling disenfranchised from it, or to improve social cohesion, or even continue to exist as a democratic transnational entity. Bringing together 28 acclaimed women writers, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs from across Europe, this powerful and timely anthology looks at an ever-changing Europe from a variety of different perspectives and offers hope and insight into how we might begin to rebuild.
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