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Spanning several decades and several continents and set against the backdrop of a changing New Zealand, Chappy is a compelling story of enduring love. Uprooted from his privileged European life and sent to New Zealand to sort himself out, twenty-one-year-old Daniel pieces together the history of his Maori family. As his relatives revisit their past, Daniel learns of a remarkable love story between his Maori grandmother Oriwia and his Japanese grandfather Chappy. The more Daniel hears about his deceased grandfather, the more intriguing – and elusive – Chappy becomes. In this touching portrayal of family life, acclaimed writer Patricia Grace explores racial intolerance, cross-cultural conflicts and the universal desire to belong. Also available as an eBook.
All is not always what is seems, even at the picturesque Bridge of Orchy Hotel in the Scottish Highlands, where local lads can be found gathering at the local pub and where the unexpected rarely happens. “It was a cold, dark, dreary night, and the mist was hanging over the Bridge of Orchy Hotel…” And so begins this exciting, Cold War-era tale that opens with three, local gents and a stranger in a bar and quickly escalates into a fast-paced thriller, complete with Russian spies, the IRA, and British M16 agents. Do British Agents Tom Sommerville and Frank Mulholland and a lively group of local lads have what it takes to get to the bottom of infiltrating Russian spies and thwart an assassination attempt on President John F. Kennedy? Action-packed and stimulating, ACHALADAIR builds anticipation until the final pages of the book, taking the reader on an exhilarating, satisfying ride.
Today human ecology has split into many different sub-disciplines such as historical ecology, political ecology or the New Ecological Anthropology. The latter in particular has criticised the predominance of the Western view on different ecosystems, arguing that culture-specific world views and human-environment interactions have been largely neglected. However, these different perspectives only tackle specific facets of a local and global hyper-complex reality. In bringing together a variety of views and theoretical approaches, these especially commissioned essays prove that an interdisciplinary collaboration and understanding of the extreme complexity of the human-environment interface(s) is possible.
Nine-year-old Chappy is a curious, adventurous child who lives with his family in the hamlet of Annieville, Mississippi. Just three-square city blocks, this village is cursed with a kind of sadness and misery everyone knows about, but it’s a topic no one dares to speak of. Annieville lacks any aspect of joy or happiness; the concept of fun has long since packed its bags and departed. One day, Chappy decides to run away from home. He has no idea, nor does he care, what effect his decision to leave will have on his family or community. He just wants to experience what’s on the other side of the bridge. Little does he know, his plan ultimately improves his life and the lives of the other local children. A modern fairytale, All about Chappy shares a story about empowerment, confidence, optimism, and offers a better understanding of the world.
"This biography explores James's life and assesses his place in American military history. From his childhood through his service in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, the book traces his personal and career development, the influences upon him, and his climb through the military ranks. Photographs and detailed bibliographical information are provided."--BOOK JACKET.
Instills practical leadership skills for nurse educators and academic leaders throughout their careers This is the first resource to compare the experiences of nursing academic leaders among public, private, and for-profit institutions for nurse educators of all experience levels and ambitions. While most nursing faculty and administrators looking for new professional opportunities often use salary, geographic location, and even school reputation to inform their choice, the importance of culture and organizational structure cannot be overstated. The information and advice in this text addresses misconceptions and myths about all three types of organizations to enable readers to decide on and thrive in their chosen institution. Written for instructors looking to expand leadership skills within their teaching roles, those seeking more formal leadership positions, and novice academic leaders this text delivers a first-hand perspective on what it takes to be a faculty member and nurse academic administrator across three different academic settings—public, private, and for-profit—and provides an in-depth understanding of the key differences among them. Chapters offer concrete tips and suggestions for applying to and working in different types of institutions, and candidly discuss “things I wish I had known” and “lessons learned.” The advice in this text discusses specific strategies for each academic setting, covering the nuances of fundraising and advancement, marketing and public relations, recruitment of qualified and diverse faculty, budgeting and allocation of resources, and other topics to promote an informed decision when seeking a career path that is a good fit and a job that provides overall satisfaction. Key Features: Describes both the specifics and the nuances of requisite faculty leadership skills in public, private, and for-profit/career school settings—the first book to do so Written by three experienced deans of nursing who offer concrete tips and reveal the secrets of successful academic leadership for informed decision making Includes candid author commentary regarding “things I wish I had known” and “lessons learned” Designed for instructors who wish to expand leadership skills within their teaching roles, those who seek administrative positions, and those who are new to academic leadership Written in an accessible style for faculty at all levels of experience
'Helping Teachers Develop is a positive, uplifting, encouraging publication... very good value for money. It is the sort of publication we need in the profession and it is well worth being part of every head teacher or staff development tutor's collection of really useful books. I have to confess, even before I had finished reading it for review I was using Helping Teachers Develop with my trainee teachers' - Peter Stammers, in the Journal of In-service Education `The book explores ways teachers at all levels can mentor others and improve their careers. [It] also contains guidance on ways to cope with having your lessons observed and how to make constructive comments as an observer' - Michael Shaw, Times Educational Supplement `This is another excellent and accessible practice guide from someone who, unusually, understands both the classroom teacher from long years of practice and the theory. The chapter on "observation of teachers" should be read by every headteacher, deputy and teacher who engages in monitoring classroom practice. Note, a few inspectors would benefit too! It's one to read and then refer to on a regular basis if you work in schools or PGCE departments' - Tim Brighouse, Chief Adviser for London Schools Helping teachers develop - whether they're trainees, newly or recently qualified, in their first three, ten or twenty years, and whether they're superb or struggling - is vital for the profession, for the millions of children who'll learn more as a result. Schools have to take greater responsibility for staff's continuing professional development (CPD) but there is little real help for the people who develop teachers. The best teachers will be expected to mentor trainee and newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and share good practice with all colleagues. Drawing directly on real-life experience and the latest research, this book will help people in a mentoring, coaching, advisory or management role to: o develop teachers, through understanding adult learning and the CPD cycle o meet needs from the range of professional development activities o carry out observations and give oral and written feedback in a range of situations o help and monitor planning and other parts of the job o help teachers develop their careers. Using examples from current practice, Sara will take you though every stage of CPD, from what professional development is to how you can support and monitor staff in your own school. There are photocopiable materials for you to use. The guidance in this book will be essential for mentors, induction tutors, CPD/staff development coordinators, people with advanced skills or excellent teacher status, and all those with a leadership and management role in schools or local authorities. Sara Bubb is the UK's leading induction expert and has vast expertise in the CPD field. She runs many courses for different levels of school staff, assesses trainee and advanced skills teachers and is the new teacher expert for the Times Educational Supplement. Sara has been seconded from the Institute of Education to the DfES as the consultant for the Chartered London Teacher initiative. She is the co-author, with Peter Earley, of Leading and Managing Continuing Professional Development and Managing Teacher Workload.

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