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Go on the road with the best hockey players not in the NHL What is life really like in North American hockeyÍs top minor league? As told by dozens of the players, coaches, broadcasters, personnel, and owners who work a grinding schedule every winter, Chasing the Dream goes behind the scenes with seven AHL teams. Find out how playersÍ dreams of lacing up their skates in the NHL motivate them through long bus rides and games where theyÍre constantly gunning for a precious spot in the majors. From young prospects to veterans whose own hopes have faded, hear from AHL players on why todayÍs minor league is no longer like Slap Shot, what playing three games in under 48 hours can do to a player, and why fighting „ once a staple of the minors „ is on the decline. Learn about the game from coaches, alumni, and broadcasters, as well as AHL president Dave Andrews, who reveals how the AHL is becoming an even more important tool for NHL teams in the salary-cap era. Load your gear on the bus and take a tour around the many venues, personalities, pranks, and memories of the once-small AHL „æan organization that now crosses the continent and is big business for players and owners.
When Mahesh P. Raj was born in 1947 in a small village in Fiji, he weighed less than four pounds and was not expected to survive. Even though his mother faced tremendous hardship and poverty, she painstakingly fed him drop by drop until he would suck a bottle on his own. In Chasing the Dream, Raj shares his life story—from his birth to his retirement—telling how he grew up extremely poor but worked hard and eventually became a successful Canadian businessman through determination, perseverance, and passion. Providing chronological details about his childhood, his family and upbringing, and his life as a refugee, this memoir narrates how Raj both survived and thrived despite the lack of a formal education. Chasing the Dream offers insight into one man’s life and how he overcame early disadvantages to live a fulfilling life.
Amy Hawkins, a 35-year-old editor from New York City who makes a fresh start in the small Montana town of Coldwater, is hard at work on her first novel, but trouble starts brewing when her money starts running out, her writing deteriorates, and she is forced to decide between two men who are out to win her heart. Original.
Alice lived through the ravages of WWII on the island of Malta in Europe. She saw her father wounded, her cousin die and their house demolished. Her dream began when as a young teenager at the end of the war, she listened to the American Forces Network broadcasting from Stuttgart, Germany and she envisioned marrying her childhood sweetheart, immigrating to America and living happily ever after. She soon married him, had three children and eventually arrived in California to fulfill her fantasy. Reality does not always live up to our expectations. Her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surgery removed the tumor but the psychological scars remained and festered. He suffered a personality change, turning from a loving husband and father into a scared and vengeful man. In his psychosis he blamed the doctors for his condition and even accused her of conspiring with them. When his anger and despair escalated to guns and knives, the struggle to survive became her priority. Driven to the brink of suicide she finally sought outside help. This is a story of love lost but also of survival, of changing course, determination, renewal and never losing sight of the dream. ----- A stirring memorable journey, June 20, 2010 This book takes you along with the author through a life journey fraught with twists and turns, heart wrenching drama and survival. A young girl's heartwrenching account of experiences on the island of Malta before, during and after WW11 gives the reader a sense of having been there. The author's unexpected detours and setbacks as she pursued her dream makes her triumph over them inspirational. Petra Dean Freelance writer and former columnist ----- Memoirs so strong, deep, brave and heartfelt!, June 19, 2010 What a read! From Malta and a childhood so different from the U.S (enduring WW two and loss)to adult in the U.S., this book cannot be put down. What a brave, strong and loving woman. Alice never lost sight of her dream, or love of her family. Heartwarming, enlightening, AWESOME! All ages will enjoy reading this book. Cant stop thinking about it. Makes quite an impression on what you can do with a dream, strength and love. What a journey! Brenda L. Matthews bookworm Terryville Connecticut USA ----- A heart-tugging memoir with a powerful message, May 30, 2010 This soul-searing memoir by Alice Marlin delivers joy, pathos and inspiration. She shares her experiences of a Victorian childhood in Malta, then facing death and destruction during WWII. Her dreams of marriage, a bright future and emigration to America come true but are devastated by unforseeable events. Be prepared to choke back some tears. I will be amazed if a screenwriter doesn't soon contact Alice and turn this story into a touching film. Don Lasseter Author-Journalist
Have you ever reminisced about the part of life where you were ending your journey as a senior in high school and becoming a freshman in college? In the 70s and 80s era, the book, Chasing a Dream, life begins anew for seven teenagers who have been friends throughout high school with two of them being friends since birth. Add another teenager whose dream does not include college, but he has definitely established his dream as a professional race car driver, you enter a world of self-discovery with relationships that range from survival, validation, scripted, acceptance, and individuation-assertion all wrapped up within the characters of Chase, Stacey, and Eric (the main characters). As with most graduating seniors who are promising to always stay in touch, so goes the story of these eight with their correspondences sort of being a hit and miss from time to time. Some friends are rarely heard of again while others remain close with communication and build a solid tight relationship that shares moments of joy, endurance, tragedy, and romance. Not all their dreams come true and new dreams emerge. However, some dreams are worth chasing no matter the cost as Chase, Stacey, and Eric set their course for their new life’s adventure.

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