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"This workbook contains exercises to help teach and practise the vocabulary students need for academic purposes. Written for students at upper-intermediate level and above, this workbook aims to help those who need to learn basic non-technical vocabulary so that they can study any subject at college or university. The material uses exercises, gap-fills and puzzles to test grammar, comprehension and spelling." -- Back cover.
This edition features a range of activities to help students learn and revise the non-technical vocabulary essential for the study of any subject at a UK university.
This workbook provides a resource for students studying towards the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam, which is a requirement for entry for non-native speakers of English wishing to study at many US universities and in other English speaking countries. It includes a range of activities to help students build and improve their English vocabulary, and is suitable for both self-study and classroom use. Check Your Vocabulary Exams series: 'Ideal self-study aids for anyone preparing for these exams' - The Bookseller
"English Vocabulary for Academic Success" is for you if you are an English language student. With this workbook and its dictionary, you will learn the most important academic words that you will need for passing the TOEFL test and other tests. These words are important for you for understanding English in college and university courses. "English Vocabulary for Academic Success" is for you if you are studying English at the intermediate or advanced level. This vocabulary book is for you if you already know about 2,000 basic English words and if you want to study at a college or university in an English-speaking country. With "English Vocabulary for Academic Success," you will learn 540 words from the Academic Word List. You can check your answers using the answer key at the end of each unit and find more information about each word in the dictionary section. This workbook has 10 units, with 54 words per unit. By studying for one hour a day, you can finish one unit in about one week. Not only will your vocabulary improve, but also your grammar will improve as you practice changing the parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.), changing nouns from singular to plural and changing verb endings. Your spelling will improve because you have to spell each word accurately. There are exercises for producing each word seven or eight times: definition exercises (one sentence in context); "parts of speech" exercises (two sentences in context); collocations exercises (two or three sentences in context); synonyms Crossword Puzzles; review exercises (one sentence in context). Each unit has a dictionary with: definitions; parts of speech; collocations for each definition and each part of speech; additional definitions for idiomatic uses; synonyms; many sample sentences. Collocations are the key to producing vocabulary words the way native speakers do. A collocation is a word or group of words that naturally go together with a specific word. For example, the word "context" has the collocation "to take (something) out of." Thus, a native speaker would say "Please don't take my words out of context." There are thousands of collocation examples in "English Vocabulary for Academic Success." By learning these words, you will know almost 90% of the words that you read and hear in academic situations. You will read faster and understand much better. Your academic writing will improve because you will be able to produce the words with accurate grammar and spelling and use them with their correct collocations the way native speakers do. By knowing these words, you will have a greater chance to pass the TOEFL and other tests. Free Quizzes: Professionally prepared quizzes for each unit are available for instructors whose students are required to use this textbook. Please find more information in the preface of the book. Instructors whose second language is English will find this book extremely useful. This book provides thousands of examples of how native speakers of English use vocabulary in real-world situations. There are nearly 4,000 contextualized sentences in exercises of the ten units, as well as hundreds more sentences in the dictionary section of each unit.
This workbook provides material to revise and build the vocabulary needed to pass the IELTS examination. It contains activities to help students prepare for the general training or academic modules of the IELTS exam. It comes with instructions and combines both self-study and classroom exercises.
This workbook has been designed to help students at lower-intermediate level improve and build their English vocabulary, and is particularly appropriate for those studying towards the popular PET (Preliminary English Test) examination. It can be used to test and improve general English vocabulary, and includes both self-study exercises and practical speaking activities for classroom use. Includes a range of activities to help students revise vocabulary for the popular PET examination (Preliminary English Test), and provides an excellent source of material to help students improve their vocabulary and understanding of English. Clear and easy-to-use, with full instructions and quick-reference contents page, and ideal for both self-study and classroom use including teacher-directed group work. Includes teachers' notes and stimulating exercises such as word games, puzzles, quizzes and crosswords."

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