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Do you want to raise backyard chickens and need a proper chicken coop for your chickens? Then you are on the right page. One hobby that is becoming more popular nowadays is keeping chickens in your own garden. To keep the chickens in a species-appropriate manner, you should offer your chickens a sheltered dwelling with retreat and a free run for the necessary freedom of movement. Building a perfect chicken coop is good for the health of your chickens. A good chicken coop will prevent your chickens from being affected by the incidence of diseases caused by various pathogens that can result in a high mortality rate. To prevent the spread of these pathogens, proper construction of the chicken coop is necessary. The size of the coop depends on the number of chickens. When building the chicken coop yourself, however, it is advisable to build something larger. If a decision is made later, more chickens could be brought in Thus, this book will walk you through everything you need to know to build your own weather-resistant coop for your chickens. How? This book covers: The important questions you should ask before constructing a chicken coop. The chicken coop preparation and planning. The chicken coop and building law. The choice of location for the chicken coop. The size of the chicken coop. The walls of the chicken coop. The feeding and drinking place in the chicken coop. Why you need to build your chicken coop. And much more....... So, go on and build a well-befitting chicken coop for your chicken and raise healthy and happy chickens. What's more? If you want to understand everything involved in building a perfect coop, then scroll up the page and click the Buy Now button to place your order right away. Enjoy and have a nice read!
Your grandparents have chickens, their parents have chickens, your parents may also have chickens. Whatever your experience is with chickens, odds are you grew up with someone who had them, or you know someone who does. Chickens are an animal that is growing in popularity. They have always been a staple in America, but in the recent times, more and more people are recognizing that they are great ways to be self-sufficient, and they are great at helping you save money. All of these facts are likely driving you to get your own flock of chickens, and raise them yourself. But it doesn't take long in this endeavor before you hit a very important problem... what to put them in. Chickens are different than dogs and cats, they need a little more hands on TLC than either of those animals, and they are pickier about their housing situation, especially if you are going to be using your flock to get eggs. That is where this book comes in, teaching you how to build 12 different coops that are sure to suit your needs and make your new ladies happy, and keep them safe. All of these coops are easy to build, inexpensive, and perfect for any flock of hens that you would like to have. It doesn't matter how good you are with building things, this book is going to help you get what you want, and help you grow that flock you are dreaming of. Each and every one of these coops are: Safe Easy to build Secure Cozy for your hens Roomy enough for 12 to 15 hens And will fit almost anywhere you want it to!
Thеrе іѕ nothing more refreshing than for you to соllесt fresh, wаrm, chicken eggs in thе happiness thаt уоu аnd уоur fаmіlу raised the chicken. Yоu knоw what thе chicken ate and you knоw whаt entered into thе еggѕ.Thеrе іѕ a popular trend іn thе U.S. for people tо keep сhісkеnѕ іn thеіr bасkуаrdѕ simply fоr еggѕ, meat, аnd gаrdеnіng fеrtіlіzеr. Buіldіng уоur оwn Diy сhісkеn соор could be the initial ѕtер tо an amazing hоbbу fаrmіng thаt соuld result to hеаlthy lіving and save you ѕоmе money аt the grocery ѕtоrе.If you are, you will need a sturdy and secure chicken coop for them to live in, and keep them safe from many foxes and any other animals that kill.This guide gives bit-by-bit guide on how to construct a chicken coop which will do simply that, as well as giving your chickens a warm and safe place to sleep at night and when the weather becomes very badThis guide will show you the various stages involved in building chicken coop from scratchYou will also be shown interesting points to consider when building a chicken coopThis guide will also show you step by step on building a chicken coop at homeWHAT ARE YOU WAITING FORGet your copy today by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now to get your copy today
Are you looking for a building guide for creating chicken coops? Then keep reading... Many people want to have backyard farms. They decide they want to raise chickens, have their own eggs, maybe sell the chicks. They have big plans, but often times they don't really know where to start. Raising your own chickens is a great idea. If you have ever been to a commercial chicken farm, you completely understand why it is a good idea to raise your own chickens. The eggs are a completely different story. The eggs that you purchase in the store are not fresh, but are usually three months old or older. How's that for farm fresh? When you decide that you want to raise chickens, you need to decide what type of chicken and eggs you want to produce. Do you want to raise chicks? Do you want to have a rooster in your coop or do you want to have unfertilized eggs? Do you want organic, free range chickens or do you want your chickens to be raised solely in their coop? You also need to consider how many chickens you will be keeping in the coop. There are many benefits of raising chickens. But as we close this book let's take one more look at some of the main benefits of building a coop and raising your own chickens. Choosing the perfect coop is very important. You want your chickens to be happy, you want them to be able to roam as they wish, nest and roost to their heart's desire because the happier your chickens are, the healthier they will be and the more eggs they will produce for you. This book will provide you the very simple and uncomplicated designs for building chicken coops at your home. These are economical as well as the most efficient ones, so that your chickens can rear in the most healthy domestic conditions. This book covers: Housing basics Constructing a coop Features to look for a coop plan Portable chicken coop, its pros and cons Large chicken coop Perfect way to build a chicken coop Building and designing backyard coop Problem you should expect with raising backyard chicken coop Things to know when building a custom chicken coop Chicken brooders Coop styles 7 DIY projects from simple to complicated ones And a lot more.. Basically this is all-in-one book for those who would like to start building their first chicken coop. There are a lot of decisions to make as you try to decide what type of chicken coop will be best for your chickens and a lot of it has to do with what you will be raising your chickens for. Are you raising chickens to eat? Are you hoping to get enough eggs from your chickens so that you do not have to purchase any or are you raising chickens in order to sell the chicks? Maybe you are planning on doing all of the above. No matter what it is that you are planning to do with your chickens, you are going to find all of the information that you need in the rest of the book. Enjoy Building your first chicken coop! Scroll up and click Buy now button.
"The chicken coop plans I got from you were great! They were easy to follow and the coop turned out to be the envy of all of my friends. I love my new hobby. Thanks so much for giving me every thing you promised."David Hess, USA This comprehensive book contains the top ten most popular chicken coop plans for the author's website is one of the most popular sites on the Internet for coop design and information because of its practical, easy-to-follow advice. The author and builder, John White, has combined his ten most popular chicken coop designs into one book, and he's also added practical coop information and explanations about each feature. More than six thousand chicken farmers have purchased these plans for two reasons: 1. They're so simple to build that even a novice woodworker can build them in a single weekend, and an experienced pro can tell at a glance what to do next. Most designs require a wood shop full of tools and a lot of experience with construction. Not these designs! 2. Cost matters to us all. These designs are not only easy to build; they're easy on your budget. You can use wood you have already, or find or purchase all the supplies you'll need without spending a fortune. Easy, affordable and professional. It doesn't get any better than that. In addition, you'll also learn: What you need to consider before selecting and building your coop and why placement of the coop is so important to your family as well as your chickens. Once you understand why you're building the coop a certain way you'll see why these designs are perfect for anyone who wants happy, healthy chickens. The basic essentials of chicken coops, like: roosts, ramps, ventilation, nesting boxes, chicken runs, what makes the best (and safest) chicken litter, hint—it's not straw. Why you need to slant the top of your nesting box, and why it needs to be off of the floor of the coop, but not higher than your roosting perches. When you understand why a feature is important you're more able to determine how changing, expanding or even eliminating that feature may affect your flock. And finally, find out what makes the best wire (it's not chicken wire) for wrapping your coops run in to make it the safest it can be.
Build a Chicken Paradise in Your Backyard with This Ultimate Guide on Building Chicken Coops! Are you worried about the fact that store-bought eggs are damaging your health? Do you want to eat fresh, organic, and tasty eggs every day, without having to buy them? Are you toying with the idea of raising your own chickens, but don't know where to start or how much it costs? Keep reading to find out why millions of people have denounced store-bought eggs and decided to build their own chicken farms! During the last few years, many egg production factories and farms have been closed, and their eggs recalled from the market. Over 380 million eggs have been declared unsafe for consummation. It's the hard truth, but you need to hear it: most eggs available in stores are nothing but a serious health hazard. The chickens that lay them usually packed with antibiotics, hormones, and growth enhancers, and these damaging chemicals of course transfer to eggs and end up on your plate, and in your body. What's more, you never know when the eggs you're buying were actually laid. The average store-bought eggs have been laid 15-30 days before they came to the store shelves. And yet they are being marketed as fresh. Eating these "old" eggs can cause serious health problems. Salmonella or food poisoning is just one of them. So what can you do to stop depending on store-bought eggs? Build your own organic chicken farm! Chickens are one of the easiest animals to take care of. All they really need is food, water, and shelter. The chickens raised on cage-free farms produce much more eggs than those on mass production farms. You are looking at over 300 eggs a year per chicken! Additionally, eggs from chickens that are free to graze and walk around are incredibly tastier because they consume healthier food. Growing chickens is fairly simple if you know what you're doing, and this book is here to make sure you do. Inside, you'll discover everything you need to know about building the perfect chicken coop! You'll find out which type you'll need to fit your flock, how to equip it to make sure your chickens are flourishing, and how to protect your animals from pests. Here's just a fraction of what awaits in this ultimate chicken coop guide: Discover why building your own chicken coop is better than buying one, besides saving a lot of money You get 10 detailed blueprints on different types of chicken coops, that you can easily build from materials you already have at home You'll find the biggest guide on chicken coop accessories, from lighting and ventilation to heaters and fencing You'll learn how to protect your chickens from various pests, including some secret tips that professional farmers use You'll discover many helpful advice and techniques for raising a happy flock, from coop maintenance to teaching your chickens to return to the coop And much more! The beauty of this book is that it is completely beginner-friendly. That means that you can raise your chickens successfully, even if you've never seen a live chicken in your life! With this book's building plans and recycling techniques, this project will require a minimal investment that will pay back in a matter of weeks with all those delicious, fresh eggs you'll never have to buy in stores again! So Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!
Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Chicken Coops for Beginners: 7 Plans to Build Your First Chicken Coops Pets are part of human civilization, since the ancient times, so the humans have now learned to keep them in the most natural way so that all the natural and physical needs of these pets can be fulfilled. Among pets, chickens are part of a large number of households, where chickens are kept both for domestic as well as for commercial purposes. In this book I have explained the chicken coop designs which can be the best available option to save your chickens form all kind of tough weather conditions. These chicken coop plans are highly customized. Anyone of you can follow these plans, even with alterations in measurements and construction materials. The major discussions unveiled in this book, will make the reader get know-how about the following chief issues: Some initial discussion pertaining to the need for chicken coops, how they comprise of a major living need for the chickens 7 chicken coop construction plans for readers who want to follow the easiest and the most economical ways of making a chicken coop. a step by step construction plan will make you en joy the best possible designs for chicken coops. Download your E book "Chicken Coops for Beginners: 7 Plans to Build Your First Chicken Coop" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!
Thеrе іѕ more satisfying than соllесtіng fresh, ѕtіll wаrm, chicken eggs in thе joy thаt уоu аnd уоur fаmіlу took care of thе bіrdѕ. Yоu knоw what thе bіrdѕ consumed and you knоw whаt entered into thе еggѕ.Thеrе іѕ a increasing trend іn thе U.S. for individuals tо keep сhісkеnѕ іn thеіr bасkуаrdѕ bоth fоr еggѕ, meat, аnd gаrdеnіng fеrtіlіzеr. Buіldіng уоur оwn сhісkеn соор could be the first ѕtер tо a wonderful hоbbу fаrmіng thаt соuld lеаd to hеаlthy lіfestyle and save you ѕоmе money аt the grocery ѕtоrе.If you've tаkеn the рlungе аnd are brооdіng bаbу сhісkѕ, thе оnlу thing thаt gets bеtwееn уоu and a ѕuррlу of fresh еggѕ is a реrmаnеnt place fоr your hеnѕ to stay. Bу 6 weeks they nееd something mоrе than a cardboard to occupy. Buіldіng a simple сhісkеn coop fоr a ѕmаll flосk оf bіrdѕ іѕ a great one day рrоjесt fоr the great farmer with fundamental carpentry skills, while thе more complex соорѕ соuld tаkе ѕеvеrаl weeks (and will need аdvаnсеd саrреntrу ѕkіllѕ).If you are, you will need a strong and secure chicken coop for them to live in, keeping them safe from foxes and any other animals that kill.This book gives step-by-step instructions on how to construct a chicken coop which will do just that, as well as giving your chickens a warm and cozy place to sleep at night and when the weather gets bad.
Chicken Coops: 10 Plans To Building Different Types Of Chicken Coops The Chicken Coops: Learn Advantages of 10 Different Chicken Coops and Find Blueprints to Build Each of It can be a good book for you. Selecting the right chicken coop is a major decision because it is important for the better health of your birds. The coop should offer sufficient space for your birds to walk easily and eat food in a comfortable environment. Keep it in mind that chickens require sufficient amount of living space just like humans. Food, water, and shelter are basic needs of chickens and a chicken owner has to go to all different lengths to meet those important needs. You can follow blueprints give in this book to build unique chicken coops. You can select one of them to provide sufficient place to your chickens. There are a few movable designs and a few designs are based on DIY pallet. You can follow the blueprints and design given in this book. This book will offer: Essentials of Chicken Coops Important Tools and Construction Skills to Design Coops Designs for Movable Coops Palace Coop Designs with Blueprints DIY Pallet Chicken Coops Cool Deigns for Your Chicken Coop Download this book to get the advantage of blueprints for chicken coops. 10 different designs are available to build your own chicken coop. Download your E book "Chicken Coops: 10 Plans To Building Different Types Of Chicken Coops"Buy Now with 1-Click" button!
Planning to enroll in the masses of outdoor fowl farmers these 12 months? Here's what you want to recognize for a top-notch henhouse.Building a fundamental fowl coop for a small flock of birds is a strong weekend project for the determined do-it-yourselfer with basic carpentry capabilities, while the extra complicated coops could without problems take numerous weeks (and will require superior carpentry capabilities).
2nd Edition!! Now includes instructions with pictures and materials list for building a chicken coop!! Free bonus plans and video walkthrough inside! There is nothing better than collecting fresh, still warm chicken eggs in the knowledge that you and your family have exclusively looked after the birds. You what the birds ate and went into the eggs. There's a growing trend in the us for people to keep chickens in their backyards both for eggs, meat and gardening fertilizer. In Austin, Texas, for example, chicken keeping is widespread and, for the moment anyway, even roosters are permitted. Building your own chicken coop could be the first step to a satisfying hobby farming that could lead to healthier living and save you some dollars at the grocery store. If you've taken the plunge and are brooding baby chicks, the only thing that stands between you and supply of fresh eggs is a permanent place for your hens to call home. By six weeks of age they need something more than a cardboard box to live in. Building a basic chicken coop for a small flock of birds is a solid weekend project for the determined "do-it-yourself" with carpentry skills, while the more elaborate coops could easily take several weeks (and will require advanced carpentry skills). All coops have two main components: an enclosed space for sleeping and laying eggs and an open air 'chicken run' to roam around in during the day. The enclosed space should open directly to the run, but should be elevated at least two feet above it so there is space to collect the droppings that fall through the floor. (More on that in a moment. ) There are many possible ways to plan configure, and build a chicken coop, and that is the primary BURDEN of this eBook to teach you all you need to know as a beginner in this exciting endeavor.
This revised and expanded edition of How to Build Chicken Coops—one of the best-selling titles in Voyageur's successful series licensed by Future Farmers of America (FFA)—provides complete and easy-to-follow instructions on building a coop, including 16 pages of new content. Voyageur's acclaimed FFA-licensed series has helped countless first-time animal owners confidently care for their new companions. How to Build Chicken Coops provides answers in a one-stop reference so chicken owners don't have to waste time searching online for advice. Whether readers are involved in the FFA, interested in starting an urban or suburban flock, or just curious about country living or urban farming, raising chickens is a great way to get started. And, when you build your own coop, you can make customizations to meet your specific needs and save money at the same time! Beautifully designed and authoritatively written, How to Build Chicken Coops is a trusted guide to new chicken keepers of all ages. Inside, readers will find more than just a collection of plans, but a compendium of the background and insider information for chicken owners. How much space will you need? What is dust bathing? How many nest boxes and windows will your coop need? How much will it cost? What steps do you need to take to keep your chickens safe from predators? Expanded and redesigned to appeal even more to middle and high school age enthusiasts, How to Build Chicken Coops takes the guesswork out of building a safe and comfortable home that's just right for your flock of chickens.
Build Your Own First Chicken Coop Today and Enjoy the Benefits and Simple Pleasures of Raising Your own Chickens in Your Own Backyard! Raising chickens in your own backyard is both an enjoyable and a profitable endeavor. You raise chickens in a 100% organic way so you get the freshest eggs and the healthiest meat possible. Not only that, the sweet satisfaction and sense of accomplishment you get as you start harvesting eggs are truly priceless. This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to build your own chicken coop. It will guide you through everything you need to know about coop building and a bit about raising chickens. Read this book today and build your very first coop successfully. Chicken coops are enclosures to keep your chickens from running to places where you would not want them to be. It keeps them safe from predators like wolves, foxes and even your beloved pet dog.The main purpose of a coop is to be a safe, protected place for hens to lay their eggs. These need to be protected from predators and bad weather to preserve good health and quality. Hens and their eggs are very vulnerable to predators. There are snakes and small mammals, as well as birds of prey that include eggs in their diets. Larger predators like dogs, wolves and snakes can go after the chicken. The coop serves to keep chickens and eggs safe, especially at night when these predators usually come out to hunt. Here Is A Preview of The Chapters in this Book:- •Chapter 1 :What Are Chicken Coops And Why Do You Have To Use Them? •Chapter 2:Chicken Coop Plans And Designs •Chapter 3:Everything You Need To Build Your Own Chicken Coop •Chapter 4:Start Building The Chicken Coop •Chapter 5:Framing The Chicken Coop •Chapter 6:Installing The Outer-Frame Parts •Chapter 7:Finishing Touches To The Coop •And Finally Chapter 8 will cover the Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Chicken Coops Get Your Copy Today! Most eggs in the market are not from chickens raised in the best, healthiest conditions. Most of the chickens are fed with artificial feeds and injected with tons of steroids, artificial hormones and antibiotics. All these junk get into the eggs and eventually into your plate. Your Family and Yourself deserve better! By raising your own chickens, you are assured you have better quality, healthier and safer eggs and meat to consume anytime you want. Go up the page and Buy this book today!
Learn how to build your own chicken coop using these step-by-step plans today! This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to create a beautiful chicken coop for your new or existing flock of chickens with step-by-step instructions. There are many different things you should know about building a chicken coop before you build one. For example, ventilation is highly important to your chickens because without it, they can become very ill. There's more information about that in this book, as well as a lot more excellent tips that will help you build a coop that's suitable for your needs and the needs of your chickens. If you want to start building your very own chicken coop, you need this book! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... The requirements for a proper chicken coop. Small plans for those who live in the city or close to neighbors. Portable plans for those who need to move chickens around safely. And a large plan for those who want to start out with a larger flock. And much, much more! Download your copy today! Take action now and download this book!
Chicken Coops 10 Best Chicken Coop Plans and Tips to Feeding and Raising Your Chickens Strap on your overalls, work on your South American drawl and stick some straw between your teeth because you're going farming. Agriculture or the interest in farming has become one of the most low-key sources of income for both small and large business owners. Why you ask? It's because of how profitable farming is. With a straightforward investment and just enough sweat, it'2s more than considerably easy to turn just rearing animals and minding crops into your biggest job. In more than most cases, farming involves large amounts of capital which is basically the money you need to start a business but we're dealing with chickens here and they really don't take up that much space to be very honest. Rather than being given large amounts of land like other farm animals, chickens only need a coop for them to get comfortable and start bringing in the money. Other than this though, chickens are also one of the most usable animals in terms of how much they c an provide to the dinner table. Imagine how much you would save on feasts when all it takes is a trip to the back. So I'm going to tell you a little something. Now would you like to know how straightforward it is to have your own hatchery with a near endless amount of chickens running around waiting for your intentions to develop? So find a patch of dirt and get comfortable as this book guides you through Knowing how to raise and manage your chickens Protecting your pea brained flock from predators, rain and theft with a chicken coop you'll build with your own hands Making some easy money at the farmer's market with high quality produce from your flock And much more!
Are you thinking about keeping chickens in your backyard? If you are, you will need a sturdy and secure chicken coop for them to live in, keeping them safe from foxes and any other animals that might prey on them.This book gives step-by-step instructions on how to construct a chicken coop which will do just that, as well as giving your chickens a warm place to sleep at night and when the weather turns bad.Inside, you will find chapters on the following: Introduction Chicken Coop 101 Factors you must consider when building your coop Terminologies used in construction A step-by-step guide to the assorted designs of chicken coops and how to construct them And so much more! Complete with dozens of images to give you a visual description of each stage in the construction, building your own chicken coop will be quick and easy and will provide you with immense satisfaction.And with a complete section outlining the terminology used in the construction, this book will take you from absolute beginner to seasoned professional in just a few straightforward steps.Get your copy NOW!Tags: Chicken, Chicken Coop, Backyard Chicken
People from all walks of life are increasingly interested in owning chickens. Some folks want them as a source of fresh eggs, either for themselves or the marketplace. Other individuals want to raise and butcher their own birds so that they know exactly what went into that meat. Some people enjoy poultry as companion animals, or love seeing these colorful birds out on the landscape. And some folks want chickens for their bug-hunting ability in the garden or pasture. Whatever the reason, small flock ownership is increasing, even in suburbia and particularly within urban centers. But how to house them? Many books already exist on various other aspects of poultry management: breeds, feeding, health, egg production, meat production, showing, and marketing. What about housing? Every chicken flock needs shelter of some kind. A number of books provide chicken coop plans for free or for a small fee. Yet there is a lot more to providing good housing, than merely picking out a house plan. Issues of predator control, vermin control, waste management, flock production, disease management, hygiene and sanitation - all these factors help determine whether a chicken coop will be a pleasant, healthy addition or a costly eyesore. The Chicken Coop Manual looks at all these topics and how they interact: Section I covers 18 different design criteria which flock owners and coop designers need to consider BEFORE choosing or building a coop. Section II looks at eight different chicken coop plans, using conventional stud construction, for flock sizes ranging from only a few birds, to a commercial-sized flock of 100 birds. Section III takes a look at 12 alternative housing and shelter options, and how they may be a flock owner's best bet for cost-effective, attractive, functional and practical flock ownership. Section IV provides a list of additional resources for flock owners - websites, books and getting-started articles which focus on, or address some aspect of, poultry housing. Flock owners who study and apply this manual will be able to: * familiarize themselves with issues which affect flock health, hygiene, safety, productivity and cost * determine whether a particular coop design will work for their particular circumstances * know how to meet any relevant building codes, covenants or regulatory requirements * maximize their birds' quality of life and their own enjoyment of that flock, for years to come. This book is also helpful for teachers, mentors, policy makers and/or regulators who need to become familiar with all the issues pertaining to flock housing and chicken coop design. Even experienced flock owners will find some helpful hints and new ideas within these chapters.
Chicken Coops: Easy Chicken Coops Plans and Tips on Taking Care of You Flock Chicken coops are more than a hobby; they are a way of life. These coops when well maintained can provide an abundance of eggs, meat, and even fertilizer. The chicken coop is the original multitasking machine of the homestead. Here in this book you will learn how it is you can build your own original chicken coop, as well as learn several valuable tips that will help you keep your chickens healthy and productive. You will learn how to feed and water your birds. How to ascertain the general state of their health. And how to keep any would-be pests at bay.If you would like to start up your very own chicken coop-buy this book today! In this book you will learn: Rules and regulations for coops How to build coops About chicken breeds Chicken coop maintenance And much, much more!
Step by step instructions on how to build a portable chicken coop. With over 100 pictures and illustrations. Also complete video links to watch the author build the portable chicken coop pictured on the cover of the book. Chicken coop plans and blueprints design and construction. Table of Contents About the Author Disclaimer Portable Chicken Coop Plans Building a Portable Chicken Coop Videos Pictures of Building the Portable Chicken Coop PDF File Links for Downloading and Printing High resolution with 6 bonus Plans How To Print Plans Plan Copyright Information Other Plans Available 6 chicken coops plans included that have complete plans in the book and links to download high resolution PDF Plans for printing.
Stop Waiting and Start Building Your Coop Today! You can pay an arm and a leg for a pre-made coop, or build the perfect one for a fraction of the cost yourself. You choose! Many people choose to raise chickens and unfortunately turn to store-bought chicken coops. Sometimes this is a good choice, but usually they end up overpaying for something that isn't even a perfect fit for their flock. Why not determine the exact size and type of chicken coop that you need and then create one that is perfect for you and your chickens? This guide will teach you exactly how to determine the correct size, location, and style of chicken coop based on your needs. It makes the whole process of building the coops easy with step-by-step instructions as well as building plans. Stop waiting and start raising chickens today! This Guide Covers the Following: The Basic Foundations for Planning a Chicken Coop How to Choose the Best Location Creating a Coop on a Budget Everything About Nest Boxes, Ramps, and Runs 2 Detailed Building Plans With Photos Much, much more! Start building your very own coop today and buy this book while it is being offered at an introductory price!

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