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This intimate study portrays the hunter-gatherer Mbuti pygmies of Zaire. Kevin Duffy describes how these forest nomads, who are as adapted to the forest as its wildlife, gratefully acknowledge their beloved home as the source of everything they need: food, clothing, shelter, and affection. Looking on the forest in deified terms, they sing and pray to it and call themselves its children. With his patience and knowledge of their ways, Duffy was accepted by these, the worlds smallest people, and invited to participate in the cycle of their lives from birth to death.
The children of the forest live deep in the roots of an old pine tree. They collect wild mushrooms and blueberries and shelter under toadstools when it rains. They play with the squirrels and frogs, and when fall comes, they collect and prepare food to see them through the long winter, until the warm spring breeze starts to blow. A mini gift edition of Elsa Beskow's classic story.
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Nimue and Arthur join a secret community of children and teenagers who are hiding in the vast forests of Central Europe. Many of these young men and women – who are offering Nimue and Arthur refuge from enemies – have lost loved ones to the Asclepios Congregation. What they don’t know is that Nimue and Arthur’s uncle Benji is the founder of this sinister organization... Meanwhile, a mysterious apparition shrouded in a veil of haze seems to follow Nimue and Arthur wherever they go. Why is the misty specter following them? And will they finally find out what connection the two of them have with the Other World – the realm of the spirits?
Another highly imaginative and magical story in bestselling author P. B. Kerr's Children of the Lamp series is now in paperback! In their latest adventure, John and Philippa Gaunt find themselves tangled up in a spellbinding mystery that takes them deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle in book five of the NY TIMES bestselling Children of the Lamp series. When a collection of Incan artifacts goes missing, the Blue Djinn of Babylon dispatches the twins and Uncle Nimrod to recover them. Along the way, though, John and Philippa encounter their friend Dybbuk, who was drained of his djinn powers but is determined to get them back.

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