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China Oil & Gas Sector Business & Investment Opportunities Yearbook
This book focuses on doing businesses successfully with China oil, gas and chemicals companies with real business cases on business management and contract negotiations all under one theme. Drawing on the author’s extensive experiences and knowledge of the China oil, gas and chemicals industries, the book presents a comprehensive and practical guide to the China oil industry structure and major Chinese oil companies. It analyses China’s oil, gas and chemicals markets and its growth into the largest oil consumption market in the world. It also examines energy security concerns and mitigation strategies to diversify crude import sources. The book also analyses the key domestic and international players in China including the largest state, multinational and national oil companies. It looks at the largest China oil, gas and chemical companies and analyses their profile, business, strategies, leaders with relevant case studies. It then examines successful engagement, negotiation and management with the China giants. The book illustrates with business case studies on successfully negotiating and managing business relations to foster trust and promote cooperation, as well as, the risks and rewards. Business leaders, universities, business schools and government agencies will appreciate the book with its in-depth knowledge and analysis of the China oil, gas and chemical industries together with relevant business cases.
This title looks at the emergence of China as a major importer and consumer of energy. It examines the Chinese oil industry from a cross-disciplinary political economy as well as an international relations perspective.
The Chinese Oil Industry: History and Future presents a wealth of tables and figures with new data on Chinese fossil fuel production and consumption, together with a peak oil model to forecast future trends in energy supply and demand. Energy experts in China and the United States provide you with a unique overview of the entire Chinese oil industry. The authors discuss trends in production and consumption of global significance through to the middle of the 21st century, including the energy returned on energy invested (EROI) for China’s oil and gas. The role of oil in the industrialization of China is described as are four phases in the history of the Chinese oil industry. Detailed coverage of resources and exploration, pipeline development, refining and marketing, petroleum and natural gas pricing policies, and international cooperation is followed by consideration of conservation, renewable energy, and environmental impact. The authors also address the importance of coal and the probable future of coal production. - Offers a comprehensive view of the Chinese oil industry - Presents new and previously unpublished data - Covers history and future trends in production and consumption - Introduces a new peak oil model for China - Discusses EROI trend of oil and natural gas and its consequences for the Chinese economy - Written from an objective viewpoint by leading energy experts
. . . a very detailed and fascinating description of the development of China s oil and natural gas industry and an assessment of its prospects. . . certainly a recommended read. Anthony D. Owen, Asia Pacific Journal of Economics and Business . . . this book should be a part of the library of anyone interested in the Chinese energy system. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies This is a timely and important book to help enhance understanding of China s petroleum industry and to assess China s energy policy in a more sensible way. Janet Xuanli Liao, The China Journal This is a timely volume. Understanding the oil and gas industry that China has at home is an essential prerequisite to understanding Chinese foreign policy and the future role of China in world oil and gas markets. It is certain to be a major one. From the preface by Ron Oxburgh, Lord Oxburgh of Liverpool, (Climate Change Capital) China s rapid economic development is having profound implications for energy resources. China has always been exceptionally reliant on its abundant coal, but consumption of oil and gas have grown rapidly since reform began in the 1980s. In spite of vigorous domestic development most recently in the Tarim Basin China is now consuming approximately 8 per cent of the world s oil output but producing only 4 per cent. China s emergence as an energy importer has given rise to concerns that it is a major contributor to recent turmoil in energy markets. This book examines China s record of oil and gas development, its refining capacity, and energy prospects. The authors conclude that there are no fundamental reasons for anxiety about China s demands on the world energy economy, but they emphasize that its energy future will depend critically on a continuation of reform and internationalization. China and the Global Energy Crisis is a concise but detailed study of these issues. This book will appeal not only to readers concerned with China and energy issues, but also to a wider readership seeking to understand China s development and its global meaning.

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