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Investigates the impact of culture on Chinese and foreign corporations operating in China.
Culture and Business in Asia is an analytical, comparative guide to modern Asian business. Using in-depth interviews, it describes the links between culture and business in India, China (including Hong Kong), Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Each chapter examines the influence of business culture on decision-making in the areas of ownership, finance, governance, organisation, management and strategy. Key benefits: • Gives a vivid view of how Asian business decision-makers experience the world of work • Includes a unique focus on India • Encourages critical thinking • Examines the relationship of social, political and economic cultures to business. • Provides a cultural platform for business in the profitable but competitive markets of Asia.
This book describes how a deeper knowledge and understanding of cultural differences represents a meaningful and useful tool for management of companies, and in particular SMEs, in the People’s Republic of China. After introductory chapters on the internationalization of SMEs and the role played by management in this process, the authors explore the implications of academic discourses on culture and its dimensions for company management. The influence of Chinese cultural roots and the country’s current cultural environment on management is then examined, with provision of guidance on response to the identified challenges. A key feature of the book is the presentation of important recent fieldwork in the main economic regions of China. This research further clarifies how business culture and cultural differences impact on company activities in China and casts light on various aspects of the adaptive capability of SMEs within the country, highlighting the value of cultural awareness and intelligence. The book will be of interest to academics and practitioners alike.
This pioneering book offers a unique constellation of essays focused on the important social and economic changes affecting educational institutions in China. It provides an in-depth examination of the potential and obstacles for business and management education in the world's second largest economy and most populated country.This volume is an essential resource for anyone with an interest in teaching, developing a new program, or entering into a joint venture in China. A wide range of topics, such as economic transition, pedagogical issues, professional training and alliance formation, are discussed from the standpoint of deans, educators, directors and consultants of educational institutions hailing from both the East and the West.
This book provides authoritative academic and professional insights into the strategies of Chinese Foreign Direct Investments in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Distinguished authors from across the world will make a contribution to the growing literature on OFDI (outward foreign direct investment) from China.
Women represent the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs today. Despite the enormous economic contributions of this group, female entrepreneurship remains under-explored and inadequately covered in academic literature. Female Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation aims to address this gap by shedding light on the unique aspects of female entrepreneurship. Tracing women’s journey along the venture creation process, Kariv’s book: highlights the creatively different ways in which women approach the entrepreneurial enterprise; takes into account different environmental and cultural constraints that impact female entrepreneurship; provides a theoretical framework for the venture creation process that is practical and broadly applicable; includes in-depth case studies drawn from contributors around the world. This book captures the diversity of female entrepreneurship and provides a valuable synthesis of the insights that emerge from the stories of women entrepreneurs around the world. It will be a valuable resource for students of entrepreneurship, as well as professionals.
The greatest challenge to international business today is how to manage business operations across cultural boundaries. This is especially true in the case of China, which has attracted a massive amount of foreign investment and international trade recently. This new study examines three main themes: * the partnership of management through joint ventures * the human resource aspects of management * the management of communication, co-operation and negotiation The crucial issue of trustworthiness, the different managerial practices in China and the West, the importance of being well prepared and understanding Chinese negotiations are the major contemporary issues identified and discussed in this book.

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