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San Shou Kuai Jiao (Fast Wrestling for Fighting) is the Chinese martial art of throws and takedowns. A San Shou Kuai Jiao throw can cause tremendous damage to your opponent while keeping you safely on your feet. For centuries, fighters in China have valued this art for its speed and power. Today, China's police and military forces are trained in its techniques. Chinese Fast Wrestling for Fighting presents seventy-five throws and takedowns against punches, kicks, and grabs, and demonstrates basic training methods such as stances, footwork, and strength training. Written by a gold medal winner in Chinese wrestling (Liang), this book is a complete training guide to this powerful martial art. Throw your opponent to the ground - fast! Effective for competition and self-defense. 460 action photos detail every technique. Includes a chapter on ground fighting.
Martial arts.
24 and 48 postures with martial applications.
This comprehensive guide explains the principles and practices essential for Bagua training.
The exploration of these hidden Chin Na techniques return to Taiji its lost martial essence.

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