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Since the 1960s a new assertiveness has characterized India's formerly silent majority, the lower castes that comprise more than two-thirds of the population. Today India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, is controlled by lower-caste politicians, as is Bihar, and lower-caste representation in national politics is growing inexorably. Jaffrelot argues that this trend constitutes a genuine "democratization" of India and that the social and economic effects of this "silent revolution" are bound to multiply in the years to come.
One hundred classic Chinese designs, both elegant and vivid, in traditional color combinations.
In this paper, we adopt a cross-country perspective to examine the evolution of capital flows into China, both in terms of volumes and composition. China's inflows have generally been dominated by foreign direct investment (FDI), a pattern that appears to be favorable in light of the recent literature on the experiences of developing countries with financial globalization. We provide a detailed documentation of the evolution of China's capital controls, a proximate determinant of the pattern of capital inflows. We also discuss a number of other intriguing hypotheses that attempt to capture the "deeper" causes underlying China's approach to capital flows. In particular, we argue that some popular mercantilist-type arguments are inconsistent with the facts. We also analyze the recent rapid rise of China's international reserves and discuss its implications. Contrary to some popular perceptions, the dramatic surge in foreign exchange reserves since 2001 is mainly attributable to non-FDI capital inflows, rather than current account surpluses or FDI.
Chinese medicine is the oldest continually practiced professional medicine in the world, and Chinese doctors have recognized diabetes as a distinct clinical condition for 2,000 years. Their research has yielded a wealth of low-cost, noninvasive, natural methods of treatment. Beginning with an overview of Chinese medical theory, this book explores the patterns of imbalance that are used to diagnose diabetes. Also discussed are professional methods of treatment, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, and traditional home remedies, such as Chinese teas and self-massage. Special attention is paid to the role of diet, exercise, and relaxation to the prevention and treatment of diabetes.
More than 40 million women in the United States are now experiencing menopause, and it is affecting their sex drive, energy level, and emotions. This book explains how Chinese medicine can aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of menopausal problems, restoring balance to a woman's body. Topics covered include Chinese self-care and home remedies and information on Chinese dietary therapy, exercise, and deep relaxation.
Chinese medicine has effective answers for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of headaches. This book explains the benefits of Chinese medicine and covers self-care and home remedies, including self-massage, magnet therapy, moxibustion, aromatherapy, Chinese patent medicines, and herbal teas.
Depression seems to be epidemic in our society. Every day, we meet people who are currently on antidepressants. On the one hand, the discovery of a new line of medications, suc as Zoloft and Prozac, has made antidepressants easily administered, and, therefore, also over-prescrived. On the other hand, the rapidly growing demands of our cultural evolution submit us to very high levels of physical and emotional stress.

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