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A family of pigs celebrates Christmas by telling each one's favorite part of the holiday, but the youngest piglet discovers that his favorite is right outside the window.
A GIFT THE COWBOY DIDN’T EXPECT The last thing Wilder Crawford expected was to find a baby on his doorstep on Christmas morning. His baby? Maybe—and he intends to find out! Little Cody’s aunt, Beth Ames, thinks the steadfastly single rancher isn’t daddy material. But her objections only make Wilder dig in his spurs. He invites Beth to stay for the holidays, never dreaming he might fall for the earnest schoolteacher. Unless Santa’s intent was to turn the cowboy into a family man all along…
A gorgeously illustrated traditional Christmas story about hope and community spirit.
A Christmas special in this purrfect series filled with chaos, adventure and magic spells! A wonderfully festive Christmas mix of kittens, magic and friendship - perfect for young girls of 6+. Molly is dreaming of a perfect Christmas this year with snow, yummy food and lots of presents! In fact, Molly's so overexcited that she seems to keeps getting in trouble with everyone. But then fluffy snow-white kitten Flame appears and suddenly it looks like Molly's biggest Christmas wish might possibly come true . . .
Christmas miracles come in unexpected ways. A tiny locket, once thought lost, turns into a night of Mystery in ""Christmas Suprise."" The bumblings of a cute, diminutive Baby-boomer teen bring a chuckle in ""Midnight Mass Madness."" Read about Moses' funny inter-cultural encounter in Assisi, ""Sins of the Italians."" A child re-unites estranged neighbors in ""The Cure"" at Christmas time. Hear about ""Christmas During the Termination Days,"" a true story of an Ojibwe reservation in Wisconsin. Plus two reflections on the reason for the season.
Inside this delightful board book are six fun presents to open, each with a very special Christmas surprise. Five reveal an exciting toy or gift, while the final present--a silver, shiny mirror--reveals that the biggest Christmas surprise of all. Full color.
Santa's Christmas Surprise is a new Christmas story for children which emphasizes that there are even cultural variations within our own country in the way we celebrate this special time of year. Through a delightful cast of elves representing the different subcultures of our country, children's author Robert Bernardini shows not only the special gifts and people of each area, but also their appreciation for Santa and his good work. The story begins after the long evening of spreading Christmas joy around. Santa is ready to rest and enjoy his own Christmas day. But things are amiss at the North Pole because it appears some of the elves have disappeared. What has become of Antoinette, Jose, Soo Lee, and Tyrone? These fun-loving elves have been traversing the land collecting presents from happy families saying their own thank-you to the jolly old elf. In a glorious celebration, the elves share the spirit with Santa, whose own hard work makes the joyous season a delight for children all over the world. The lesson to be learned is one of thanksgiving and sharing in the spirit. Santa's Christmas Surprise is the third in a series of books by Robert Bernardini featuring the delightful characters of Li'l Elf Jed and Annabelle Elf, which makes it a perfect complement to A Southern Time Christmas and Southern Love for Christmas . Often accompanied by a life-size Li'l Elf Jed, Bernardini travels extensively to schools, fairs, and bookstores to bring the joy of the season to children through his books.

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