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Explains how would-be gardeners can make the most of available space, offering helpful tips on coping with the special problems of small urban gardens.
Critics' Choice: Voted One of the Year's Best Books by Publishers Weekly With 64 pages of color photographs, black-and-white drawings throughout, and an updated list of 100 sources of plants and supplies Here is the definitive guide for gardening in small spaces and containers, covering planting, design, and maintenance. As delightful as it is comprehensive, this book is written with the warmth, enthusiasm, and clarity that since 1979 has distinguished Linda Yang's columns in the Home Section of The New York Times. It will inspire gardeners coping with the limited confines of a small backyard or front garden, patio, balcony, doorstep, terrace, rooftop, or deck. Reviewers From Coast to Coast Praised the Original Hardcover Edition
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In this brilliant official companion to Gardeners' World, lead presenter Toby Buckland offers a complete guide to making you a better gardener. Toby sees the garden as connected to the kitchen, the compost heap and the world beyond. He encourages us to turn gardening into an adventure rather than a list of chores. It becomes a workshop to fashion an apple press from skip-scavenged timber, or a warm greenhouse sanctuary. Borders aren't just for weeding, they're for strawberries by the punnet-load. Piles of golden leaves along the roadside aren't just the soggy debris of autumn but the potential for soil-enriching leaf mould. Opening our eyes to these connections helps us appreciate the joy of gardening, and this book teaches you the craft. However big or small your plot, whether you are starting from scratch or looking for new ideas to refresh an established scheme, the Practical Gardening Handbook will show you how to bring your garden alive.
The complete guide to select, plan, plant, maintain, and problem-solve for gardeners living in the Northwest (including Oregon, Washington, northern California and British Columbia). The Northwest Gardener's Handbook is filled with all the need-to-know information to make your Northwestern garden a success. This book is the when-to, how-to, and what-to of gardening for the more experienced gardener. "When to" information assists gardeners with the proper care and timing for everything from planting to watering. "How to" gives you the best methods needed for your garden. "What-to" covers the climate and topography of the region and the best way to manage and choose annuals, perennials, bulbs, edibles, groundcover, roses, shrubs, trees, vines, native plants and many more types of plants and situations. A section devoted to water-wise gardening offers insight into a key component of every garden which is especially in this region. Save water, money and time with Pat's tips! Gorgeous, full-color photographs provide at-a-glance information on the best plants to use in any situation. Create the best garden possible, using information designed for your specific needs. Whether you're designing a garden from scratch or maintaining one that you've had for years, this is the book for you!
Features profiles and uses for cultivated herbs (astragalus, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, echinacea, elder, garlic, lemon balm, motherwort, peppermint, sage, valerian) and wild herbs (burdock, coltsfoot, dandelion, mullein, nettle, plantain, red clover, red raspberry, self-heal, St. John's wort, yarrow, yellow dock).
DIVWith over 100 years of combined gardening experience, renowned California horticulturalists Bruce and Sharon Asakawa bring you the perfect when-to, how-to, and what-to plant guide for gardening in the Golden State./divDIV /divDIVPerhaps you’ve always entertained the idea of cultivating a garden in your California landscape, but have never quite known where to begin. Perhaps you’ve stood helplessly by as your once-beautiful calico flowers withered beneath the persistent western sun. Don’t despair! Fortunately, there’s a specialized gardening guide to the rescue, tailored exclusively to the needs of California residents./divDIV /divDIVIn California Gardener’s Handbook, beloved California gardening duo Bruce and Sharon Asakawa walk you through 350 plant species destined to flourish amid the varied climates and environmental challenges of California. With the help of gorgeous photography and foolproof instructions, they’ll teach you how to plant, prune, water, control pests, and care for your personal outdoor oasis. Fifteen plant categories give you hundreds of choices, letting you find the flora that best fit your microclimate. Even better, the Asakawas provide twelve full months of when-to advice for each plant category, allowing you to successfully enjoy this peaceful pastime all year round. Whether you’re craving the sweetness of the dragon fruit or longing for the cheery visual splendor of the blue marguerite daisy, California Gardener’s Handbook will equip you to confidently awaken your inner gardening enthusiast./div
Topics covered include:Shrubs, climbers, conifers and bamboos.Fascinating heritage and origins.Detailed plant descriptions.Inspiring planting schemes.Practical growing and propagation advice.
The Organic Gardeners Handbook tells you everything you need to know to create a highly productive vegetable garden. Combining European tradition with American creativity, it covers the art and science of organic gardening with a depth that is rarely seen in contemporary books. There are chapters on every aspect of organic vegetable gardening, soil dynamics, soil management, cultivation, composting, crop planning, raising seedlings, watering, harvesting, seed saving, greenhouses, and much more. Whether you are a complete novice and need your hand held through every step, or a veteran gardener with a permanent layer of soil under your fingernails, you will find this book both helpful and informative. A book that will soon be covered in dirty fingerprints, The Organic Gardeners Handbook is a companion to The Vegetable Growers Handbook.
The term 'consumption' covers the desire for goods and services, their acquisition, use, and disposal. The study of consumption has grown enormously in recent years, and it has been the subject of major historiographical debates: did the eighteenth century bring a consumer revolution? Was there a great divergence between East and West? Did the twentieth century see the triumph of global consumerism? Questions of consumption have become defining topics in all branches of history, from gender and labour history to political history and cultural studies. The Oxford Handbook of the History of Consumption offers a timely overview of how our understanding of consumption in history has changed in the last generation, taking the reader from the ancient period to the twenty-first century. It includes chapters on Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America, brings together new perspectives, highlights cutting-edge areas of research, and offers a guide through the main historiographical developments. Contributions from leading historians examine the spaces of consumption, consumer politics, luxury and waste, nationalism and empire, the body, well-being, youth cultures, and fashion. The Handbook also showcases the different ways in which recent historians have approached the subject, from cultural and economic history to political history and technology studies, including areas where multidisciplinary approaches have been especially fruitful.
The Old-Time, Blue-Ribbon Gardener's Handbook: Tips, Techniques, and Projects brings back the days of the big backyard and the home-oriented pleasure of days gone by. Full of visually appealing vintage art that exudes old-fashioned warmth and a wealth of classic, time-tested gardening know-how, this stunning volume is a classic that will delight beginning and experienced gardeners of all ages as well as those interested in popular culture and graphic design. This is the first gardening book of its kind to offer basic gardening information and projects illustrated with authentic vintage art, which ranges from charming seed packets and colorful gardening catalogs and advertisements to photographs and step-by-step line drawings from gardening magazines and rarely seen books. Chapters cover all the timeless basics: planning; equipment; soil; lawns; trees and shrubs; annuals and perennials; roses; bulbs, tubers, and corms; vegetable gardening; berries and fruit trees; weeds, pests, and diseases; and special projects. Tip boxes and anecdotal sidebars provide helpful information and a witty, historical perspective throughout. Beautifully designed and printed on heavy paper stock that authentically replicates the artwork, this volume is an indispensable reference of tried-and-true gardening tips and techniques that is as useful as it is collectible.
A manual on vegetable, fruit, flower, shrub and tree growing

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