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This unique book is written with the novice in mind, providing an introduction to all aspects of working with cockroaches. The focus of this writing is on the neuro-endicrine system of cockroaches, which was collected by entomologists, primarily with the aim of improving methods of insect pest control. It includes some chapters devoted exclusively to techniques with detailed instructions. This comprehensive work also covers details of anatomy along with illustrations and experimental results, This is one of the few books available which provides such a broad coverage of areas of neurobiology of one organism. This handbook is a must for all researchers in the biomedical/veterinary field. Entomologists will find this reading exciting as well.
Describes the cockroach's life cycle, behavior, habitat, and interaction with humans.
When Morgan was a city manager, he learned an important lesson. You don't have to do everything - including killing cockroaches! Delightfully offbeat but always on target, his guide shows how to play from your strengths while building a team that manages around your weaknesses. Discover how to empower competent people, surround yourself with problem-solvers, and more.
Simple text and photographs describe the physical characteristics and behavior of cockroaches.
Discusses cockroaches, including information on their habitats, life cycle, and predators.
Imagine being born into a world where everything about you—the shape of your nose, the look of your hair, the place of your birth—designates you as an undesirable, an inferior, a menace, no better than a cockroach, something to be driven away and ultimately exterminated. Imagine being thousands of miles away while your family and friends are brutally and methodically slaughtered. Imagine being entrusted by your parents with the mission of leaving everything you know and finding some way to survive, in the name of your family and your people. Scholastique Mukasonga's Cockroaches is the story of growing up a Tutsi in Hutu-dominated Rwanda—the story of a happy child, a loving family, all wiped out in the genocide of 1994. A vivid, bitterwsweet depiction of family life and bond in a time of immense hardship, it is also a story of incredible endurance, and the duty to remember that loss and those lost while somehow carrying on. Sweet, funny, wrenching, and deeply moving, Cockroaches is a window onto an unforgettable world of love, grief, and horror. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Cockroaches are some of the worldÍs most fascinating insects! This bookÍs easy-to-read text and larger-than-life color photos bring the cockroachÍs world to life, introducing readers to a cockroachÍs diet, habitat, enemies, and methods of defense. Diagrams help readers investigate the concept of metamorphosis and identify body parts, from the cockroachÍs antennae to its cerci. The digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems are also described. A step-by-step approach to scientific classification helps place cockroaches within the order Dictyoptera. Readers are also encouraged to consider the benefits and drawbacks of cockroaches, as well as how they impact our daily lives. From Madagascar hissing cockroaches to German cockroaches, young entomologists will enjoy uncovering the lives of these amazing creatures. Informative sidebars and Bug Bytes aim to peak readersÍ interest, while bolded glossary terms, phonetic spellings, and an index enhance readability. Checkerboard is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.
"Simple text accompanied by full-color photographs give an up-close look at cockroaches"--Provided by publisher.
"Learn about cockroaches, including how and where they live and how these creepy creatures are important parts of their world"--
Cockroaches are creepy, crawly, and also very old. These ancient arthropods have been lurking in dark corners for thousands of centuries, and they’ve changed very little in all that time. Readers will see past the cockroach’s disgusting reputation and see how its amazing adaptations have allowed it to survive on a changing planet. Fact boxes provide interesting supplemental information, while eye-popping images show just how neat (and gross) these creatures can be. Readers can use the glossary and index to guide their reading, and also explore websites for more opportunities to learn.
Introduces cockroaches, discussing their physical characteristics, life cycle, and habitat.
"I look average and act average, that is what I do best and that is what I was trained to do." The name of the novel is "Cockroaches." This is a very interesting and useful book, covering such topics as Human Relationships, Love, Betrayal, Military Intelligence, Espionage, Counter Espionage and much more. This book unveils the attempts by some Foreign Intelligence Service, through a third party, to illegally acquire top secret technology. One Military Cadet, by the will of destiny and his own hard work, was hurled into the core of the dangerous and very important Intelligence Operation abroad. Eight undercover agents, including the Cadet, were sent to the foreign country to find proof of illegal activities and uncover the truth. This is a very dangerous task and the agents have to meet a lot of challenges. They need to outplay the Foreign Counter Intelligence Service, which is trying to prevent them from making things right. The Foreign Counter Intelligence does everything to get in the way of this young Military Cadet and his superiors. Nevertheless, the agents are very brave and intelligent people; they know what to do in situations like that. This is a fiction book. However, the methods of Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, the Close Combat Fighting rules and Message Traffic, Military Lessons and Encryption Keys used, they are true and that is what makes the story look very real.
Cockroaches! Even a mere mention of the word causes many people to recoil in horror. However, of the hundreds of species of cockroaches (or blattodeans as they are known) found in Australia, only a small number of them give the group a bad name. Just a few species that are commonly found in homes, restaurants and hospitals are responsible for thousands of dollars in expenditure to comply with health standards. A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia is a comprehensive account of most of the 550 described species found in Australia. The book reveals their diversity and beauty, it looks in detail at their morphology, habitats and ecology, and explains how to collect and preserve them. Importantly, it will allow pest controllers, students and researchers to reliably identify most of the common pest species as well as the non-pest cockroaches. It will also, perhaps, go some way towards elevating the reputation of these much-maligned insects, and promote further study of them. 2014 Whitley Award Commendation for Field Guide.
Take your readers beyond the world of dogs and cats with Unique Pets! In this title, they will discover the Madagascar hissing cockroachÍs impressive climbing skills, nocturnal habits, and fascinating variety of hissing sounds. Easy-to-read text introduces the behaviors, size, appearance, natural habitat, diet, reproduction, development, and care and keeping of this prized insect. Large, full-color photos show off the Madagascar hissing cockroachÍs special features. Your readers are unique individuals. ShouldnÍt their pets be, too? Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

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