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Collared for a Night: one bite, they risk crossing the line...into forever. A graphic designer by day, Diana's body is blazing as a single leopardess shifter. On the brink of a heat cycle, she risks shifting without warning. Talk about embarrassing! It's also a crime with stiff penalties. Desperate, Diana signs up for stud services at a private shifter club. Every siren in her head blares when Shawn Barclay enters her room. Good God, what is her boss doing here? Confirmed bachelor, a businessman and council leader, Shawn is responsible for crafting the means to enable shifters and humans to co-exist. Time isn't something he wastes. Yet he goes from half-mast to forged steel when temptation crosses the threshold of his shifter club. In his book, fraternizing with the staff is a no go except he can't deny what his body demands. A curvaceous kitten in heels might be sex-n-sin, but hell will free over before he allows another stud to service Diana. Shawn gives her one option: spend the night with him, and as an alpha, he'll quench her heat-crazed urge to shift. From searing, Diana's world tilts. As the moon rises toward midnight, these lovers give into carnal hunger and discover they've crossed an irreparable line. One that has the power to alter their futures. With careers, professional agendas, and civil unrest on the horizon, it's crunch time. On a business trip to Sin City, Diana and Shawn are forced to put aside their primal urges. Not easy once their leopards have been awakened to a feral instinct older than time. ~Warning: paint peeling adult content. Rocky Mountain Shifters Book #1: Sexy ex-military wolf shifters, vampires, leopard shifters. Welcome to the Downtown Den. A private club for shifters in need...
Ex-con Dave “Mace” Mason’s favor for an old friend could get him killedin this “fast-moving crime novel” from an award-winning author (Publishers Weekly). When ex-con Dave “Mace” Mason is hired by Paulie Lacotta, an old acquaintance and high-rolling crime boss, to watch his ex-girlfriend, Angela, he knows there's more to the job than he's being told. Angela has fallen in love with one of Paulie's competitors, Tiny, and Paulie wants to know if she's the reason a big deal recently went south. But Mace draws some unwelcome attention as he investigates, and when Tiny is found dead, Mace wonders if he will live long enough to uncover the truth. “Lochte is just as fast-paced and funny flying solo as when he’s wingman for Al Roker or Christopher Darden, both of whom he's collaborated with in the past.” —Kirkus Reviews “Lochte is a somewhat underappreciated writer. This solid, well-crafted thriller with a likable protagonist and an engaging cast of supporting players should remind readers that he is a dependable storyteller in his own right.” —Booklist “Tense, fast-moving crime novel from Nero Wolfe Award–winner Lochte.” —Publishers Weekly
The second in three books about Simon and Sally who run a guesthouse. Simon continues to plaster the walls with prohibition notices and maintains war with his old adversary, Derek. He purchases a caravan park and camp site and upsets the guests there too. His family cause him more stress and Sally, as usual, tries to mediate.
These essays by Melanie Williams range across several fields of law, literature, social history and ethics. In each chapter a particular legal case, literary text or poem acts as a focus for a topical debate that highlights controversy or secrecy.
This book chronicles the life of an ordinary parson from his schooldays through his experiences at College and ordination to then working in his first church in Portsmouth. The recollections of his time spent with the Abanta Bazulu in South Africa make particularly fascinating reading. On returning to the UK he tells of life in the community first in Hampshire and then in a Cambridgeshire village before retiring.
Late one summer afternoon in 2010, wildlife rescuer Lisa Bates set off on a very strange rescue mission. Lisa drove into the Arizona desert with a dog crate in the back of her car. In the crate was a small animal—but it sure didn’t look like a dog. It had reddish-brown fur and a pig-like snout. It was a baby collared peccary that had been separated from its mother. Would Lisa find a way to reunite them? In Collared Peccary: Cactus Eater, kids go on a real-life adventure with wildlife biologist Lisa Bates as she tries to save a lost baby peccary. Along the way, children will learn how peccaries have adapted to their harsh desert climate, including how they find food, stay safe, and keep track of other herd members. Large, full-color photos and a dramatic narrative format will keep readers turning the pages.

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