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The third generation Corvette was the longest-running version of America’s sports car, with a production run spanning some 15 model years. Because of their abundance, they are generally the most affordable of Corvettes on the market, and due to their age, they are often ripe for restoration. This book details the correct parts, finishes, options, and trim pieces for all fourth-generation Corvette models. The wide variety of options are covered in detail, as are all special editions and model variations from 1968 to 1982. As with the original edition, this value-priced version is filled with detailed, high-quality images of excellent original cars (survivors) or meticulously restored examples.
The first restoration guide for 4th-generation Corvettes, detailing correct parts, finishes, options, and trim pieces for all models produced from 1984 to 1996.
This second book in the line of Corvette Buyer's Guides is a welcome addition to the market for Corvette C3 enthusiasts. The C3 Corvettes are the models that come to mind when many think of "Corvette", and in fact, this era of Corvette saw the implementation of numerous features, from emission control systems to an all-aluminum engine to the first Corvette to utilize a computer. Affordable, plentiful, and very restorable, the popular "shark" Corvettes are a perfect subject for this series.
Corvettes built from 1968 through 1982 are somewhat unique collector cars for two reasons: 1) They can be purchased at relatively reasonable prices and 2) Their owners tend to be less concerned about absolute authenticity than other car collectors. This interchange manual advises owners of Corvettes from these model years as to which parts can be swapped across model years, as well as which parts from other Chevrolets can be used in their cars. An ideal, all-inclusive reference for owners who want to modify their cars at a nominal cost while expanding their modification options.

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