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Coloring books can help reintroduce art as an important component of health and wellness. As such, it might be helpful to think of coloring books as a sort of creativity starter kit. It can help get your mind working in a creative way and give you a taste of all the benefits artistic expression can bring. This is particularly helpful for people who aren't comfortable with more expressive forms of art because coloring can provide a structured way for them to feel engaged with the art process without the pressure to create something from a blank page. While reading, music, and sports have plenty of health benefits, coloring has the unique ability to engage your fine motor skills while training the brain to focus. Coloring offers the additional benefit of mindfulness, or being in the moment. Coloring is calming, as moving your hand in a rhythmic fashion becomes a form of meditation. As a result, coloring releases tension and reduces stress and anxiety. Coloring also provides crucial time away from screens and technology, which lets your brain rest and reset. Receive your new coloring book today that will help you reconnect as you color illustrations of the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and environmental dimensions of wellness. Color, calm yourself, and be mindful.
A calm, cool collection for coloring Take a deep breath and reflect on each peaceful quote while you color in the surrounding pattern on 100 pages of inspirational designs. It is scientifically proven that color has an effect on behavior and mood, and the activity of coloring can be meditative. Will you choose a cool, calm blue palette, or a peaceful, nature-inspired green motif? Either way, enjoy the positive effects while you Color Yourself Calm.
With over 30 original color mandalas set side by side with black and white templates to color in, plus inspirational quotes and mindfulness techniques throughout, this coloring book is as meditative as it is joyful. So go ahead make your day as you color yourself calm."
Peaceful passages keep you in touch! Many people love to save postcards they've received, and some collect inspirational quotes to lighten their mood. Satisfy all your collector friends with uplifting postcards featuring your own personal touch of color! These 50 postcards have lovely quotes of serenity, tranquility, and optimism. Add your own flair by coloring in the surrounding designs with a palette of your choosing before mailing them off to friends and family. A great way to stay in touch!
This yoga-themed, adult coloring book presents 30 unique, original designs, each inspired by a traditional yoga pose. I combined my passion for wellbeing with creative yoga action designs. Enjoy the inspirational quotes and sayings. This book is perfect to motivate you get integrate mind and body. Remember to focus while coloring! Each design is printed on a single-sided page. With a variety of designs ranging in complexity, you are sure to find the right movement to unleash your coloring creativity. Use any medium you like, including crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, markers, and watercolors.
With a fresh new design for each week of 2017, along with inspiring quotations, this is a holiday gift that will keep on giving.

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