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Read Along or Enhanced eBook: Colors explode off the page in this energetic, jazzy picture book introducing readers to colors in both English and Spanish. In a style brimming with rhythm and syncopation, author Sherry Shahan introduces nine colors by interweaving images and dance steps. Ecuadoran artist Paula Barragán’s illustrations capture the rhythm and vivacity of the text. This book, which Publishers Weekly called “a feast for the eyes and ears,” received a NAPPA Gold Award and was featured on the PBS Kids program "Between the Lions".
A bilingual book presents a vision of a planet in which nature, words, and the rising and setting of the sun and moon exist in harmony as readers see fleeting, evocative glimpses of the qualities inherent in a range of colors.
"Inspired by Emiliano Zapata, a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution, this book will introduce your little ones to their first English and Spanish words"--page [4] of cover.
Many challenges hinder the historical study of early modern color. These essays offer a way forward through the category of ‘color worlds’—constituted by practices, concepts and objects—and examine the emergence of the languages and objects used to communicate between them.
Bright, full-page photographs and playful text introduce young tots to colors.
Brimming with bright colors, playful illustrations and photographs, and simple text, this book is the perfect first book for young minds.
Since antiquity, people have searched for a way to understand the colors we see-what they are, how many there are, and how they can be systematically identified and arranged in some kind of order. How to order colors is not merely a philosophical question, it also has many practical applications in art, design, and commerce. Our intense interest in color and its myriad practical applications have led people throughout history to develop many systems to characterize and order it. The number of color order systems developed throughout history is unknown but ranges in the hundreds. Many are no longer used, but continue to be of historical interest. Despite wrong turns and slow progress, our understanding of color and its order has improved steadily. Although full understanding continues to elude us, it seems clear that it will ultimately come from research in neurobiology, perception and consciousness. Color Ordered is a comprehensive, in-depth compendium of over 170 systems, dating from antiquity to the present. In it, Rolf Kuehni and Andreas Schwarz present a history and categorization of color systems, describe each one using original figures and schematic drawings, and provide a broad review of the underlying theory. Included are a brief overview of color vision and a synthesis of the various systems. This volume is a unique and valuable resource for researchers in color vision, and visual perception, as well as for neuroscientists, art historians, artists, and designers.