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Within this notebook, there is a lovely balance of pictures to color and pictures to complete, both blank and lined pages, space to doodle repeating patterns or draw a still-life, and space for readers to jot down their thoughts, favorite poems, quotes, and even to-do lists and appointment times. With meditations on calm and musings from well-known poets, artists, and authors, this notebook is sure to stimulate readers and help them exercise their creative muscles.
Are you looking for a great gift to give anyone who loves art therapy and psychology? This notebook is the one you are looking for. This handy awesome notebook with a stylish design on the cover is for taking notes on favorite thoughts & ideas. You can use as a journal, diary, to-do list book or just using because it's cute! It is also useful for taking notes, recipes, to do lists, sketching, writing, organizing, doodling, drawing, prompt book, journaling and brainstorming.pages provide plenty of space in which to write favorite quotations, poems, and personal reflections. This notebook is great for a teen girl, bestie, daughter, niece, nephew, wife, husband, mother, sister, or co-worker. Awesome gift as a New Year's resolution book.It also can be used as a Back-to-school notebook for pupils and students.Don't hesitate and click buy above to grab this awesome book now...
Do you love colours and are intrigued by their unique healing powers? Are you interested in becoming a colour therapist? Then this amazing new course by The Abbotts will show you how to use colours to heal yourself and others of their physical sicknesses and accidents; mental and emotional problems and spiritual worries! Written in an easy to understand manner, you will find this in-depth holistic course suitable for a large group or a single individual. Subjects covered include Light Rays, Coloured Globes, Gemstones, Past Life Wounds, Karma, Spiritual Healing Masters, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Healing, Meditation and more. You will also be shown how to set-up your own Colour Therapy Healing Practice. With inspiring messages from Higher Beings and full of the knowledge gathered by The Abbotts over many years of healing clients, you will find this book an invaluable life-long aid to any type of alternate healing method. Easy reading and fully illustrated.
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We are surrounded by color, and we largely take it for granted. Each color, hue, tint, and shade has characteristics that affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. Learn how to use color knowledge to enhance every aspect of your life, from health to relationships. This book provides a full spectrum of information from the practical to the spiritual. Find out how to decorate with color to create specific moods. Learn how to dress for success and interpret others’ personalities by the colors they wear. Improve your health by using colored lights and color-based meditations and visualizations and eating foods of a certain color. The author provides information on each color of the spectrum and discusses color in relation to astrology, the chakras, the aura, and divination. Exercises for healing with color are also provided.
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Chemotherapy Coloring Book: Relaxing Mermaids & Mandalas Color Therapy & Mermaid Mazes Activity Gift Book for Chemo Patients Undergoing Side Effects. Relax with Mindfulness and Moments of Calm with Coloring When You Feel Overwhelmed 20 unique illustrations single-sided so you can cut out an frame 10 cute mermaids to color 5 mandalas patterns 5 mermaid mazes with 5 solutions enjoy color therapy while resting at home or during treatment makes a great gift for someone undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from treatment Get this coloring book now.

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