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Thomas hears voices. They tell him to kill women with auburn hair. Superintendent Cadema Sharma, a SIO in the Met, is on a mission for justice. She investigates all five vicious murders of young women. But each enquiry leads to a dead end. DNA left at each scene, is useless. One victim has blond hair. An intended victim whispers the name Thomas, but later denies having said this. Being pulled in too many directions, she must focus on the only suspects she has; none are called Thomas. So who is Thomas? If he is the perpetrator, what is his motive? Cadema needs answers now, before any more murders are committed.
With this edition of CRIMINAL LAW, Gardner and Anderson continue their tradition of combining excellent coverage of current issues with an accessible writing style and study system--making this text your first choice for building a practical understanding of complex legal topics. The text offers complete coverage of the issues and principles driving American criminal justice today, with a presentation of cases, governmental reports, studies, and news reports that support rather than overwhelm your learning. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
The immortal Henry Sinclair goes on another journey to solve the most famous murder of the nineteenth century within the Witch City. Captain Joseph White is bashed on the head and stabbed 13 times with two daggers, but there is no blood on his sheets. He is murdered on the same day as Joseph Smith founds the Mormon Church amidst the formation of the Anti-Masonic Party. Sinclair will go against the power-brokers in Washington who call Salem home to protect his Templar treasures he brought to America from Scotland a 100 years before Columbus. The powers of the Illuminati and Lovecraftian dark magic threaten him from solving the murder as oriental vampires and a plague of opium hits the shores of Salem. Prince Henry Sinclair is the creator of the Money Pit on Oak Island and the murder led to the Parker Brothers shaping their game Clue.
When a spate of mass murders occurs, people often get the impression that this is a modern phenomenon and, since most of the mass murders heard about have occurred in America, the popular opinion is to think that it is an American phenomenon. Both impressions are false. Mass murders have been common throughout history, and other countries have played host to them too. This book correlates the many mass murders that have taken place all over the world and attempts to explain to the reader what some of the causes and effects of these murders have on society and culture. Contents: Introduction; A Classic Case: The Man who Hated his Mother; What is Mass Murder?; Running Amok; Running Amok in America; Pseudocommandos; Family Massacres; Murder in the Workplace; The School Children; Terrorists; Criminals who Commit Mass Murder; The Role of Imitation; Madness and Mass Murder; Helping the Survivors; The Mass Murderer in Prison; Conclusions; Appendix A-B; References; Index.
Examines and explains the laws of capital punishment as they exist in the United States as of 1998, focusing primarily on issues that are resolved after a defendant has been convicted of a capital crime.
Highly accessible and student friendly, Gardner and Anderson's CRIMINAL LAW, 13th Edition, combines a traditional presentation and organization with a prescriptive approach to teaching criminal law. A longtime market leader -- a favorite of professors and students alike for over three decades -- is ideal for instructors who want a more narrative, descriptive approach with fewer lengthy case excerpts. Updated throughout, the text exposes students to the language of criminal law without overwhelming them, while delivering comprehensive coverage of all the major components of substantive criminal law. Features like the chapter-opening vignettes, You Be the Judge, and Case Close-Up boxes explore current problems and issues and provide a series of problems/case studies that can be used to focus students on specific learning tasks. This edition also includes updated learning tools that help students of all backgrounds quickly master even complex legal topics. What’s more, the MindTap that accompanies this text helps students practice and master techniques and key concepts while engaging them with video cases, career-based decision-making scenarios, visual summaries, and more. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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