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An introductory, graduate-level look at modern communications ingeneral and radio communications in particular. This seminalpresentation of the applications of communication theory to signaland receiver design brings you valuable insights into thefundamental concepts underlying today's communications systems,especially wireless communications. Coverage includes: AM, FM Phase Modulation, PCM, fading, anddiversity receivers. This is a classic reissue of a book published by McGraw Hill in1966.
AntennasThe half-wave dipole. Antenna characteristics. Ground effects. Effects of Antenna height. Antenna coupling. Antenna arrays. Special purpose Antennas. UHF and microwave Antennas.Television PrinciplesTelevision system and standards. The composite video signal. Blanking and Synchronizing pulses. Monochrome Television transmission and reception. Horizontal and Vertical deflection circuits. Synchronizing circuits. Colour transmission. Colour reception. Cable TV. Digital TV, HDTV.Satellite CommunicationKepler s Laws. Satellite orbits, Spacing and frequency allocation. Look angles, Orbital perturbations and corrections. Satellite Launching. Spacecraft subsystems. Satellite system link models. Link equations, Multiple access, Direct broadcast satellite services. Applications of LEO, MEO and Geo-stationary satellites.Radar SystemsBasic Principles. Radar performance factors. MTI and Pulse Doppler radar. Continuous wave Doppler radar, Radar antenna. Phased array radars.
The revised edition deals with the basics of communication systems required at the UG level in detail and in a user-friendly manner. The understanding of the subject has been very well created with the help of easy to understand mathematical usage in numerous solved and unsolved examples. Maintaining the same writing style, the authors have tried to keep the readers abreast with the latest developments in the field.
Presents main concepts of mobile communication systems, both analog and digital Introduces concepts of probability, random variables and stochastic processes and their applications to the analysis of linear systems Includes five appendices covering Fourier series and transforms, GSM cellular systems and more
Chaotic Communication Systems
A thoroughly up-to-date revision of this successful book this text aims to give the professional engineer or graduate student a fully comprehensive yet practical understanding of the principles and technological issues of this major subject. The book contains a strong tutorial element and real-world orientation.

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