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Indhold: Easy-to-follow step-by-step techniques, photography and illustrations. Professional quick fixes and solutions for commonly encountred problems. Advice on what to buy and how to use the tools and materials - from stained glass to pebbles, shells aand beads. Tips on design - finding ideas, order of work and adding eye-catching details - as well as handy templates to allow you to create stilish mosaics straight away.
The Pigment Compendium Dictionary is a comprehensive information source for scientists, art historians, conservators and forensic specialists. Drawn together from extensive analystical research into the physical and chemical properties of pigments, this essential reference to pigment names and synonyms describes the inter-relationship of different names and terms. The Dictionary covers the field worldwide from pre-history to the present day, from rock art to interior decoration, from ethnography to contemporary art. Drawing on hundreds of hard-to-obtain documentary sources as well as modern scientific data each term is discussed in detail, giving both its context and composition.
More than twenty years ago, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations contributed to the growing recognition of the role of pollination in agricultural production, with the publication of “The Pollination of Cultivated Plants in the Tropics”. Since that time, the appreciation of pollinators has grown, alongside the realization that we stand to lose them. But our knowledge and understanding of crop pollination, pollinator biology, and best management practices has also expanded over this time. This volume is the second of two “compendiums for practitioners”, sharing expert knowledge on all dimensions of crop pollination in both temperate and tropical zones. The focus in this second volume is on management, study and research tools and techniques.
Sums up 20th-century knowledge: paints, binders, metals, surface preparation. Based on manuscripts and scientific investigation.
Agricultural Compendium: For Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics focuses on the development of rural resources in the tropics and subtropics, as well as climate, water control, and animal production. The book first offers information on climate and soil and land classification. Topics include phenomena relevant to agricultural meteorology, classification of climate, parent materials of soils, soil fertility and description, land evaluation, and systems of soil classification. The text then takes a look at geodesy, as well as aerial photography, instruments and accessories, measuring methods, and calculation of surfaces. The publication elaborates on water control and land improvement, including surface water and groundwater hydrology, drainage, irrigation, land clearing and leveling, reclamation of saline and alkali soils, and soil improvement. The text then examines agriculture, animal production, fisheries, and farm economics. The manuscript is highly recommended for agriculturists and readers interested in the development of rural resources in the tropics and subtropics.
Diseases and disorders of almond, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio, and English walnut crops are covered in the new essential reference, Compendium of Temperate Nut Crop Diseases. Learn to identify and control major and minor diseases of nut crops. Practical and easy to use, disease identification is strengthened with 189 color photographs and complete pathogen descriptions.In addition to complete coverage of symptoms, pathogen description, epidemiology, and control recommendations, this book also provides a fundamental explanation of environmental and cultural practices that affect disease development.This practical guide is essential for anyone working with nut crops, including: horticulturalists, nursery personnel, extension agents, county agents, regulatory personnel, growers, crop advisors, entomologists, plant pathologists, students and teachers.
This is an essential purchase for all painting conservators and conservation scientists dealing with paintings and painted objects. It provides the first definitive manual dedicated to optical microscopy of historical pigments. Illustrated throughout with full colour images reproduced to the highest possible quality, this book is based on years of painstaking research into the visual and optical properties of pigments. Now combined with the Pigment Dictionary, the most thorough reference to pigment names and synonyms avaiable, the Pigment Compendium is a major addition to the study and understanding of historic pigments.

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