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The aim of the present work is to study the main distributional and transformational properties of verbs with a non-prepositional sentential complement in the two-argument sentence in Spanish.
The acquisition of English sentential complementation by adult native speakers of Finnish was investigated. Forty-three Finnish university students were administered a written test consisting of production tasks, subcategorization and syntactic categories, and comprehension items. Cross sectional data were analyzed to determine whether an invariant learning sequence exists for the sentential complement structures. Students' use of these structures was also analyzed longitudinally over a 9-month period. Although the cross-sectional group data indicated the existence of a learning sequence, longitudinal analysis demonstrated that progression through this continuum varies between individuals. It is concluded that future research should place more emphasis on longitudinal data rather than accept cross-sectional findings as indicative of the existence of a set learning sequence over time. (RW)
Complementation in British and American English applies a new empirical methodology to the study of the English language. It focuses on predicate complementation as a core area of English grammar on the basis of the Bank of English Corpus. At over 600 million words, this electronic corpus is the largest systematic corpus of the language in existence today. It offers a unique database of authentic usage for the study of the system of predicate complementation in British and American English. The authors make full use of this database, paying special attention to the language of newspapers and the spoken language in the two main regional varieties of English. The book illustrates a new and methodologically exciting direction in the study of the English language in the twenty-first century.
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