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This new, fully updated edition of Complete Flags of the World tells you everything you need to know about flags, from the meaning behind the designs and symbols of the world's 196 national flags, to information on the use of flags and banners in other fields, as well as their starring role in famous historical moments. Spanning geography, communication, politics, sports, history, culture, design, and art, this book is the ultimate reference, explaining the widespread use and significance of flags and how they have evolved over the course of history.
Explore the world, flag by flag From Antigua to New Zealand discover the flags of the world with this updated edition of Complete Flags of the World. Learn all about flags from around the world - from the meaning behind country flags, national flags, world flags, state flags and naval flags to the meanings of flag symbols. Spanning geography, communications, politics, sport, history, culture, design and art, this is the ultimate book of flags, covering over 400 flags and flag history, explaining the widespread use and significance of flags and flag design. Each national flag is covered: detailed notes and annotations will tell you all about its history, design development, the significance of colours, symbols, crests and coats of arms and any recent changes.
Vexillology, or the study of flags is a fascinating and ever-changing subject. TheComplete Flags of the World presents a detailed and compelling overview of the history behind the development of world flags. Each national flag is fully described with text and annotations that describe its history, the developmentof its design, the significance of colors, symbols, and crests. Even the smallest countries are given a full page, and the story of each flag is analyzed consistently to make comparisons simple. The attractive format and handy pocket size will make this an ideal gift or reference for anyone who is interested in flags.
I depict the flags of different countries as a way to express my appreciation and respect to all nations. Also by drawing flags I convey my wishes, hopes and dreams for achieving friendship and cooperation among all nations. This has been the trend for all the books in the Ali Baba's book series. In this book, I am using the game of football (soccer) to make my point. It is truly a miracle as how football has served as a conduit for so many years in bringing people across the globe together. Football exemplifies as how different nations could overcome their differences and compete peacefully with one another and at the end gather in one place to celebrate their accomplishments. In the recent cycles of World Cup tournaments at least 200 countries have taken on the tough task of qualifying games every four years. Considering that there are very limited spots for the finalists, the enormity of these competitions become more evident. At the end, only one country takes the gold trophy and becomes the world championship. Despite all these hard works and the apparent heartbreaks, all the nations come back every four years more motivated than ever to give their best with the hope of capturing the glory of championship. Thus, I would like to highlight the tremendous efforts put forward by all nations to make FIFA World Cup tournaments possible. Perhaps many of us do not realize as how much sacrifices these young players make to proudly display their national flags side by side with other nations during the World Cup tournaments. Examining the list of qualifying games reveals a vast array of differences among the competing teams. Sometimes the richest country goes face to face against the poorest nation; sometimes the smallest country goes head to head with the largest country. However, these disparities have not deterred these young athletes from giving their best. Thus, I am honoring all the countries that have ever participated in the qualifying games and appeared in the World Cup Tournaments throughout the history. I feel I am obligated to depict their beautiful flags to simply thank them for creating so many beautiful, unforgettable and everlasting memories. In this book, all the finalists over the years are represented in alphabetical order and not in the order of highest to lowest trophy winners. The goal is to celebrate the great victory of those teams that could make it to the rank of the finalists in the FIFA World Cup tournaments. Of course, the bigger goal is to celebrate their much greater victory in bringing people across all continents together. I would like to depict a different style of flags in each book. Thus I have decided to use fleece and embroidery in place of brush and paint in this book. Since these book series represent the artistic flags, as such the flags are not drawn to their standard dimensions. The emblems have either been symbolically replaced by other figures or been eliminated.
I started Ali Baba's Book Series on Artistic Flags in 2016. Along the way, I have used the colorful flags of different countries as a tool to convey my feelings and to express my thoughts. There are between 200-250 countries spread across all five continents. There is no doubt that each country has its own unique sets of cultural norms, customs, beliefs, and the socioeconomic status. In fact, diversity is one of the human 's greatest assets. And, I may add that searching for a common ground and coexistence has been one of the human's greatest challenges. Fortunately, I can recall many instances in which people have risen above their differences and reached out for commonalities and similarities. In my previous books, I highlighted two major events- the Olympic Games and the World Cup Tournaments to exemplify as how our spirit of cooperation and humanity have brought us together. I have paid pictorial tribute to all nations by displaying their beautiful and colorful flags for their sincere efforts and contributions. My intention was to celebrate our coexistence and our victories in overcoming obstacles and adversaries. This book is not any different. I am trying to focus on remembering and celebrating lives of those who have been lost so innocently and tragically because of affiliation of the victims to certain religious groups. The victims have ranged from those who faced forced mass migration and mass killings to those who have who have fallen victims in their own towns, streets, schools, and the houses of worships. I recall my late mother Maryam dearly valued the freedom she experienced in her visit to USA in 1987. She was particularly amazed to see people from different cultures who were able to practice their faith and their traditions openly in America. She wished the same joy of freedom and dignity for everyone around the world. Amazing, centuries ago, Virgin Mary had great inspiration for promoting and elevating human spirits. Judging from the Jesus' spirit of peacefulness and forgiveness, one can easily conclude that Virgin Mary cultivated love and kindness in his heart. Her name is synonymous with tolerance, respect, and acceptance. I do believe Virgin Mary ( or Mary) and my mother Maryam (or Mary) wished friendship, love, equality, freedom, peace, prosperity, grace, happiness, health, humility, and humanity for all of us everywhere on the Earth. This book is a pictorial tribute to honor their wish. This book is all about Mary's wish.

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