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"Many practical suggestions and tips; the examples are meaningful and the illustrations are effective....Destined to become a classic reference that any serious practitioner of ocean acoustics cannot afford to ignore." Revue de livre Authored by four internationally renowned scientists, this volume covers 20 years of progress in computational ocean acoustics and presents the latest numerical techniques used in solving the wave equation in heterogeneous fluid-solid media. The authors detail various computational schemes and illustrate many of the fundamental propagation features via 2-D color displays.
The ICTCA conference provides an interdisciplinary forum for active researchers in academia and industry who are of varying backgrounds to discuss the state-of-the-art developments and results in theoretical and computational acoustics and related topics. The papers presented at the meeting cover acoustical problems of common interest across disciplines and their accurate mathematical and numerical modeling.This volume collects papers that were presented at the sixth meeting. The subjects include geophysics, scattering and diffraction, the parabolic equation (with special sessions in honor of Dr Fred Tappert), seismic exploration, boundary element methods, visualization, oil industry applications, shallow water acoustics, matched field tracking, bubbles, waves in complex media, seabed interactions, ocean acoustic inversion, and mathematical issues in underwater acoustics.
This volume is dedicated to Dr Ding Lee for his untiring efforts in promoting the advancement of theoretical and computational acoustics.This proceedings volume provides a forum for active researchers to discuss the state-of-the-art developments and results in theoretical and computational acoustics, covering aero-, seismo- and ocean acoustics and related topics. It discusses multidimensional wave propagation modeling, methods of computational acoustics, wave propagation in rocks, fluid-solid interfaces, nonlinear acoustics, neural networks, real applications and experimental results.
All papers were peer-reviewed. Sound in the ocean is as fundamental as light in theatmosphere. The high-frequency acoustic band has been little studied in the past; however, new applications such as mine hunting, marine mammal tracking, and communications (the undersea internet) have generated tremendous interest. These peer-reviewed proceedings include 8 invited papers by leading experts in particular areas and collectively survey all aspects of current research in high-frequency acoustics.

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