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Offers definitions for English words and phrases, along with observations about the evolution of the dictionary since its first edition and tables that contain information for such topics as countries and chemical elements.
This centenary edition of the world-famous Concise Oxford English Dictionary on CD-ROM presents the most accurate picture of English today.
Printing the Talmud describes Talmud editions printed from 1650 to 1800, their publication and the contentious disputes between publishers. Subject editions, profusely illustrated, are addressed as an opening to the history of the presses and their context in Jewish history.
Educationalists suggest an inductive approach to education, where we go from the experience of the students to the underlying principles, provides best results. The objective of this book is to provide people at school or college with realistic examples of dilemmas they will face in the world of work, or when looking for work. This may be as part of their PSHE development. The book also aims to provide material which can be used by people working on their own. Young people need to have transferable skills and some of these can be obtained by looking at the ways in which businesses approach them. It is therefore worthwhile trying to understand these approaches, and to see why some are effective while others are totally misplaced.
The mistreatment of diverse older people in varying ways is categorized in many societies as “elder abuse and neglect,” yet this concept has not been subjected to rigorous critical inquiry. Instead, it has most often represented the interests of professionals, academics, and governments, while policy makers and researchers frequently disregard the complexity of issues that fall under the designation. The first comprehensive, scholarly critique of the topic, Contesting Elder Abuse and Neglect is an important, much-needed contribution that encourages new thinking, policies, and action regarding the treatment of older people.
This new edition of Oxford's flagship single-volume dictionary brings you the results of the latest research into the real English of today. Oxford is lead partner in the British National Corpus, a massive and constantly expanding hundred-million-word database which allows dictionary editors to sample today's language - newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements, even transcripts of spoken English. With thousands of occurences ofeach common word available for instant analysis, lexicographers are able to track the latest trends in, for instance, spelling and hyphenation or disputed usages, with greater accuracy than ever before. This rolling, constantly updated 'opinion poll of language' combined with Oxford's unparalleledworld reading programme (we spend more on language research than any other dictionary publisher in the world), ensures that COD9 is the up-to-date reference for today's English. Bigger and better than ever before, its new features include: BL The most up-to-date spellings, with improved coverage of meaning and usage based on a computerized 'snapshot' of today's language BL 25% more content than the previous edition BL New words, including such items as holiday village, nip and tuck, central locking, ragga, house-sit, Balti, pesto, Cajun, road-pricing, Feyman diagram, supermodel, and slaphead BL New, more up-to-date pronunciation system, representing today's received pronunciation BL Over 300 new boxed usage notes with guidance on good English BL New, clearer etymologies BL easier to use with more compounds as main entries
Over 4,000 entries of essential archaeological vocabulary provide comprehensive up-to-date coverage of theory and methods; people, artefacts and materials; sites, monuments, and legislation. The archaeology of a selection of key sites from around the world is described. Quick reference tables show the main chronological periods and traditions. - ;COMPREHENSIVE, AUTHORITATIVE, AND ACCESSIBLE. IDEAL FOR BOTH PROFESSIONAL AND AMATEUR ARCHAEOLOGISTS. With over 4,000 entries covering the essential vocabulary for everyday archaeological work in the English language, this up-to-date dictionary is the most wide-ranging and comprehensive of its kind. There is coverage of principles, theories, techniques, artefacts, materials, people, places, monuments, equipment, and descriptive terms - from amphora to ziggurat, and Beaker Culture to molluscan analysis. The dictionary focuses especially on Europe, the Old World, and the Americas, and covers legislation relating to the United Kingdom and the USA. The archaeology of a selection of key sites from around the world is also described. A quick reference section of maps and tables provides an easy way to rapidly locate information on the main chronological periods and traditions, international conventions, and stratigraphic subdivisions. Written by a leading authority, the dictionary's detailed but clear entries provide an essential reference source for students, teachers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. -

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