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Confessions of a Sociopath is both the memoir of a high-functioning, law-abiding (well, mostly) sociopath and a roadmap -- right from the source -- for dealing with the sociopath in your life. As M.E. Thomas says of her fellow sociopaths, “We are your neighbors, your coworkers, and quite possibly the people closest to you: lovers, family, friends. Our risk-seeking behavior and general fearlessness are thrilling, our glibness and charm alluring. Our often quick wit and outside-the-box thinking make us appear intelligent—even brilliant. We climb the corporate ladder faster than the rest, and appear to have limitless self-confidence. Who are we? We are highly successful, noncriminal sociopaths and we comprise 4 percent of the American population.” Confessions of a Sociopath—part confessional memoir, part primer for the curious—takes readers on a journey into the mind of a sociopath, revealing what makes them tick while debunking myths about sociopathy and offering a road map for dealing with the sociopaths in your life. M. E. Thomas draws from her own experiences as a diagnosed sociopath, her popular Sociopathworld blog, and scientific literature to unveil for the very first time these men and women who are “hiding in plain sight.”
This kill was the easiest. The clean up, not so easy, though. What could drive two sisters to murder their own parents, and an accomplished student to stab his classmate? Anna is lost; she doesnt fit in anywhere, but finds solace in the love she shares with her twin sister, Becca. She sticks by her through abuse and murder, but can Anna share her sister with somebody else? Harry Wiseman is a junior at Finch Boarding School for Boys, a brilliant student hockey player, and a homosexual. After meeting William Escavich, Harry allows his obsession to have grave and deadly consequences.
After weasel-eyed tax inspectors question her work-related claims, Katya Livingston is forced to keep a financial diary. As well as documenting the cruel and parsimonious ways of her ad agency boss, Katya waxes lyrical about putting up with loser friends, mortal enemies, and thoroughly bad restaurants. She also throws in a completely candid account of her love life, just in case some of it is tax deductible. What begins as a private account of expenses rapidly becomes, through Katya's chronic delusions of grandeur, a matter of public record: first as a tawdry gossip column, then as a salacious book, and finally as a Hollywood B-movie. Bitingly written with wit and style reminiscent of Candace Bushnell, Adèle Lang's Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber is a cutting, bitchy, hilarious take on the young-single-British-woman genre.
“Compelling, essential reading for understanding the underpinnings of psychopathy.” — M. E. Thomas, author of Confessions of a Sociopath For his first fifty-eight years, James Fallon was by all appearances a normal guy. A successful neuroscientist and professor, he’d been raised in a loving family, married his high school sweetheart, and had three kids and lots of friends. Then he learned a shocking truth that would not only disrupt his personal and professional life, but would lead him to question the very nature of his own identity. While researching serial killers, he uncovered a pattern in their brain scans that helped explain their cold and violent behavior. Astonishingly, his own scan matched that pattern. And a few months later he learned that he was descended from a long line of murderers. Fallon set out to reconcile the truth about his own brain with everything he knew as a scientist about the mind, behavior, and personality.
Follow THE WILDE TWINS in a twisted tale of love and loyalty. . . SOULMATES (Wilde Twins, Book #3) As young adults, Tania and Trevor attempt a fresh start in terms of paying their debts to society. When the siblings both find themselves in unfulfilling marriages, they become increasingly drawn to each other for comfort and solace. The profound evil from their past is back to haunt them with a chilling reminder: You can get away with this, again... Can Tania and Trevor trust each other with fighting their inner demons, or will they embrace their dark side to the bittersweet end? Soulmates is the third and final installment in the Wilde Twins series. Includes a sneak peek of Jess C Scott's next thriller, Survival. *** WILDE TWINS Books: Book 1 - Playmates Book 2 - Bedmates Book 3 - Soulmates Trilogy Box Sex (Books 1-3)--AVAILABLE NOW! *** Praise for Jess C Scott and her award-winning fiction: -Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews (2011) -Readers' Favorite Five Star Award (2014) "Simultaneously truthful and eerie." -- Matt Posner, author of School of the Ages "Through the voices of these damaged twins, Jess C Scott takes readers to a ride that is at once poignant and chilling. With this thriller trilogy you may find yourself on a roller-coaster you will not want to leave." -- Marie-Jo Fortis, author of Chainsaw Jane "Intense and magnetic. . .there is a symbiotic relationship between Trevor and Tania that is almost hypnotic, as each tells his or her side of the story. Warning: This work is not for the faint of heart." -- Joe Perrone Jr., author of the Matt Davis Mystery Series
Uncensored, uncontained, and thoroughly demented, the memoirs of Paul Krassner are back in an updated and expanded edition. Paul Krassner, “father of the underground press” (People magazine), founder of the Realist, political radical, Yippie, and award-winning stand-up satirist, shares his stark raving adventures with the likes of Lenny Bruce, Abbie Hoffman, Norman Mailer, Ken Kesey, Groucho Marx, and Squeaky Fromme, revealing the patriarch of counterculture’s ultimate, intimate, uproarious life on the fringes of society. Whether he’s writing about his friendship with controversial comic Lenny Bruce, introducing Groucho Marx to LSD, his investigation of Scientology, or John Kennedy’s cadaver, no subject is too sacred to be skewered by Krassner. And yet his stories are soulful and philosophical, always authentic to his iconoclastic brand of personal journalism. As Art Spiegelman said, “Krassner is one of the best minds of his generational to be destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical, naked—but mainly hysterical. His true wacky, wackily true autobiography is the definitive book on the sixties.”
If you want to understand what a narcissist thinks, what he plans and how he behaves then read this fascinating foray into the mind of a narcissistic sociopath. Covering a wide range of matters this will enable you to gain insight which will assist your understanding of the abuser in your life. An amalgamated version of Confessions, More Confessions and Further Confessions of a Narcissist.

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