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This book unpacks the creative jewellery paradigm into its widest context. Five international writers draw a fascinating and comprehensive picture of contemporary jewellery in the twenty-first century. Through a rich palette of themes, works, reports and concepts from current art practices, they illuminate the conditions and interconnections of education, making, presentation, marketing and networking in design and art using the example of the New Zealand Handshake project. This book will enrich and bring pleasure to all who are interested in the visual arts in their broadest sense! The Handshake project supports emerging New Zealand jewellery artists, allowing them to develop ideas and artworks for a succession of exhibitions with the assistance of a chosen mentor. The Handshake recipients are presented with opportunities to develop work for a number of exciting challenges, including collaborations and national and international exhibitions. The progressive nature of the programme aims to develop independent makers with an innovative and energetic practice.
Examines jewelry pieces from Australia and New Zealand, providing a background to the development of this art form, and places these works in the context of the fine arts.
Presenting a global perspective on the art over the last 30 to 40 years, this introduction to contemporary jewelry provides clear definitions, concise history and cultural context for the form, offering fascinating discussions on creating, collecting, exhibiting, selling and wearing these pieces.
Why has jewellery and body adornment often been marginalized in studies of modernist art and design? This study explores the relationship between jewellery, modernism and modernity from the 'jazz age' to the second world war in order to challenge the view that these portable art forms have only a minor role to play in histories of modernism. From the masterworks of the Parisian jewellery houses to the film and photography of Man Ray, this study seeks to present jewellery in a new light, where issues of representation and display are considered to be as important in the creation of a modern 'jewellery culture' as the objects themselves. Drawing on material from museums, archives, contemporary journals, memoirs, literary and theoretical texts, this study shows how the emergence of modern jewellery began to seriously question conventional notions of body adornment.
A special selection of impressive pieces by more than 180 artists, this book showcases the current trends in contemporary jewelry.
On Jewellery offers a comprehensive overview of the trends and role of contemporary international jewellery art from the 1960s to today, shown within the context of corresponding trends in art and society. This publication is dedicated to themes such as
The perspectives and techniques used in human-computer interaction design, practice and research are broadening. This book looks at emerging approaches which are likely to contribute to the discipline in near future. The emphasis is on the social, cognitive, emotional, creative and active dimensions of the human actor. The underlying idea is that human character rather than technology should determine the nature of interaction. The concept of "interaction design" covers this broader range of concerns relevant to enabling quality design. Each chapter emphasizes alternative perspectives on interaction and new concepts to help researchers and practitioners relate to alternative design approaches and opportunities. Many of these new elements can be found to be successful and established in other fields, such as information systems development and industrial design. This volume will be of considerable value to those seeking innovative and developing perspectives upon both designing and ensuring effective interaction between humans and technology.

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