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For decades, UK thrash metal has been the most underrated and overlooked member of the metal family. Criminally ignored, and considered secondary to its American, German and Brazilian equivalents, the genre has nevertheless continued to survive and thrive, rising from the ashes on more than one occasion. The UK's thrash scene has generated a wealth of amazing music, often in the face of adversity and apathy, and Contract In Blood tells the whole story--warts 'n' all. From humble DIY beginnings in backstreet pubs to misrepresentation in the music press and being misunderstood by major labels on the world stage and beyond. Featuring Venom / Onslaught / Sabbat / Evile / Xentrix / Slammer / Gama Bomb / Acid Reign / Re-Animator / Lawnmower Deth / English Dogs / Mutant / Virus / D.A.M. / Sacrilege / Deathwish / Toranaga / Warfare / Pitiful Reign / Hydra Vein / Shrapnel / Hellbastard / Sylosis / Metal Messiah / SSS / Purgatory / Send More Paramedics / Warhammer / Tortoise Corpse / Anihilated / Suicide Watch / Cerebral Fix / Seventh Angel / Holosade / Metal Duck / Atomkraft / Decimator / Pendemia / Reign of Fury / Amnesia / Obliteration / Drunken State / Adrenicide and more than 50 other unsung UK metal anti-heroes.
This new volume of the SAGE Social Thinkers series provides a concise introduction to the work, life, and influences of Émile Durkheim, one of the informal “holy trinity” of sociology’s founding thinkers, along with Weber and Marx. The author shows that Durkheim’s perspective is arguably the most properly sociological of the three. He thought through the nature of society, culture, and the complex relationship of the individual to the collective in a manner more concentrated and thorough than any of his contemporaries during the period when sociology was emerging as a discipline.
This full-color text prepares dental professionals to promptly and proactively recognize and manage medical emergencies that may occur in the dental office. It details how to anticipate potential emergencies and what resources must be on hand to deal effectively with these situations. The book is arranged in eight sections concentrating on topics such as prevention of emergencies through patient evaluation (medical history) and specific types of more common emergencies that practitioners may encounter. Algorithms located in the appendices provide step-by-step diagrams showing the decision-making process in each of several common emergency situations. PABCD boxes throughout text remind the reader of American Heart Association guidelines on Positioning, Airway, Breathing, Circulation, and Definitive management and explain the relevance of these guidelines to the topic being discussed. Chapters are organized into sections based upon types of common emergency situations. Chapter on Preparation includes an updated emergency drug and equipment kit to reflect materials that are safe and currently available on the market. Full-color drawings and updated photographs add realism to situations and equipment. Information on AEDs (Automated Electronic Defibrillators) explains why these should be mandatory in every dental practice and describes how to use these devices properly. A Pediatric Considerations chapter covers pediatric CPR and guidelines for basic life support. A Medicolegal Considerations chapter discusses topics such as theories of liability, definitions of emergencies and standards, and limitations and requirements of the doctor-patient relationship. An Evolve® website contains the Instructor's Resource Manual, an electronic image collection, and an ExamView® test bank.
Is privity of contract the reason why investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) is open to critics, or could it contribute to solving the system’s legitimacy crisis? Privity of contract essentially means that a subject must be a party to a contract, in order to acquire rights and assume obligations, to sue and be sued under that contract. Privity of contract came to land on the shores of ISDS and this has at least on one occasion been described as an ‘original sin’. Arbitral tribunals often need to decide whether they have jurisdiction in cases where a party to the investment contract is not the claimant but a related entity, or not the central government, but a state agency or state-owned enterprise. In light of the deep interconnection between, on the one hand, the criticism today surrounding investment treaty arbitration – be it called judicial activism and regulatory chill, or be it called abuse of law and indirect claims – and, on the other hand, the domains where privity of contract applies, this book’s original and far-reaching analysis clearly lays out, via an in-depth examination of relevant case law, a possible use of the doctrine that can contribute to leading ISDS out of the crisis. The study’s conclusions respond with thoroughly researched authority to such key questions as the following: In which domains of international investment arbitration does the notion of privity of contract operate, and with what effects? How are states and arbitral panels reacting to the persisting unresolved issues raised by the increasing pertinence of this legal doctrine? What solutions are advisable in the midst of the current criticisms surrounding ISDS? The author finds that the doctrine of privity of contract finds application in heterogeneous scenarios, from decisions on jurisdiction where there are forum selection clauses in investment contracts or fork-in-the-road provisions in investment treaties, to consolidation, counterclaims and umbrella clause claims. She proposes a flexible interpretation of the doctrine of privity of contract as a guiding principle arbitral tribunals should consider along with other factors (inter alia the tightness of the relation between the investor and its subsidiary and the host state’s involvement in the organization and function of agencies or state-owned enterprises). The book’s thorough and extensive examination of investment arbitration case law draws comparisons with other international adjudicatory bodies and identifies the most actual and compelling unresolved legal issues. Appendices include lists of many of the arbitration cases, international judgments and national judgments discussed. As a constructive contribution to the current debate, this enquiry is an extraordinary achievement. No other study has conducted such thorough research on the application of privity of contract in investment treaty arbitration. It will be of great interest to arbitration lawyers, arbitrators, foreign investors, host states and scholars in all areas of international arbitration and dispute settlement.
An established and successful textbook which provides a thorough and comprehensive basis for GCSE syllabuses. The social, environmental, and technological aspects of biology are discussed throughout the book and students are encouraged to explore topics in depth through investigational and experimental work. Simply worded text with clear explanations of important technical terms. Superb structural drawings and easy-to-copy diagrams which show students how to reduce complex information to a simple form. Questions at the end of each chapter designed to reinforce understanding.
This project takes the human body and the bodily senses as joints that articulate new kinds of connections between church and theatre and overturns a longstanding notion about theatrical phenomenology in this period.
Prepare for a successful career in medical assisting! Kinn’s The Medical Assistant, 12th Edition helps you learn the real-world administrative and clinical skills essential to working in the health care setting. Administrative coverage ranges from professionalism and interpersonal skills to billing and coding and electronic health records; clinical content teaches how to assist with medications, diagnostic procedures, and surgeries. And no other comprehensive medical assisting text can match its coverage of assisting with medical specialties! Written by medical assisting experts Alexandra Adams and Deborah Proctor, this classic resource also includes an Evolve companion website with practical exercises and activities, videos, and review questions for the CMA and RMA certification exams. More chapters on assisting with medical specialties than any other Medical Assisting text prepare you to assist in specialty exams and make you better qualified to work in specialty fields like cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, and neurology. Step-by-step, illustrated procedures make it easier to learn and understand medical assisting skills, and include rationales for each step. Threaded case scenarios help you develop critical thinking skills and apply concepts to realistic administrative and clinical situations. Patient education and legal and ethical issues are described in relation to the Medical Assistant's job. A Portfolio Builder on the Evolve website helps you demonstrate proficiency to potential employers. Detailed learning objectives and vocabulary with definitions in each chapter help you study more effectively, with connections icons linking concepts in the text to exercises in the study guide and on the Evolve companion website. Study Guide includes a variety of exercises to test your knowledge and critical thinking skills, case scenarios from the book, and a Procedure Checklists Manual. Sold separately. NEW! Charting examples within the procedures are highlighted for easier learning. UPDATED coverage of the Electronic Health Record ensures that you are familiar with the technology you'll use on the job. UPDATED content on alternative therapies and treatment includes the latest herbal remedies such as red rice yeast for lowering cholesterol, St. John’s Wort for depression, and probiotic bacteria for GI maladies.

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