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"Although the beauty and diversity of reef species may appear as marvelous decoration, this biodiversity is important for the survival of the reef community. The various ecological, or functional, roles performed by different species provide a degree of social security enabling the reef community as a whole to sustain itself through time."--From book jacket.
Reef publication. It is a visual experience of one of the great wonders of our planet, providing an introduction to the biology and coral reef ecology, and it fully identifies many of the corals of the Australasia and Indo-Pacific regions.
Snails and sea slugs use Sea Slime. But, did you know that coral and clownfish need slime too? Marine scientist Ellen Prager takes us deep into the sea to introduce us to fascinating and bizarre animals that use slime to capture their food, protect themselves from harm, or even move from place to place in their underwater environment.
Coral reefs are among Earth's most diverse, productive, and beautiful ecosystems, but until recently, their ecology and the means to manage them have been poorly understood and documented. In response to the inadequate information base for coral reefs, this book reviews the ecological and conservation status of coral reefs of the Western Indian Ocean, bringing together presentations of the region's leading scientists and managers working on coral reefs. Coral Reefs of the Indian Ocean: Their Ecology and Conservation starts with a general overview of the biogeography of the region and a historical account of attempts to conserve this ecosystem. It goes on to describe the state of the reefs in each of the countries with coral reefs, and it concludes with a series of management case studies. The book also summarizes most of the existing ecological information on reefs in this region and efforts at management, making it useful for students, teachers, and investigators interested in tropical or marine ecology, conservation biology and management, and environmental sciences.
A collection of 90 readers aimed at students aged 7-17 learning English as an additional language, or those who would like extra support with their reading. Levelled into bands of Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced, these readers are categorised into three strands: fiction, non-fiction and science.
Coral reefs are sometimes called "cities under the sea". This is because they are homes to thousands of different types of animals. Coral reefs are probably the most action-packed parts of the ocean. And what's more--even though coral looks and feels like rock, it's not--coral is alive! Turn the pages to learn all about this amazing part of ocean and learn 20 science Smart Words along the way -- Back cover.

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