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On the heels of the Bernard Ebbers conviction, executives are beginning to realize that there are many lessons to be learned from the barrage of fraud hammering corporate America— including how to spot signs of future impropriety. In a gripping, intriguing read, Business Fairy Tales uses real-world scandals to illustrate the seven most common frauds. It explains each fraud with a detailed, engaging story of the company and its officials that committed the most spectacular incident of that kind of financial reporting fraud. It goes behind the scenes to describe the organization's acts of deception to the public, as well as the character failures of the leaders. In addition to the specific cases, the book presents a compelling argument for the kind of reform that is needed within the industry. Ultimately, it equips and empowers readers with the skills to spot potential signs of fraud in financial statements so that they can be forewarned of future financial shocks. An appendix presents a list of publicly traded companies whose financial statements contain signals that may indicate an overstatement of assets or profits or an understatement of liabilities.
The fairy tale is arguably one of the most important cultural and social influences on children's lives. But until the first publication of Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion, little attention had been paid to the ways in which the writers and collectors of tales used traditional forms and genres in order to shape children's lives – their behavior, values, and relationship to society. As Jack Zipes convincingly shows in this classic work, fairy tales have always been a powerful discourse, capable of being used to shape or destabilize attitudes and behavior within culture. How and why did certain authors try to influence children or social images of children? How were fairy tales shaped by the changes in European society in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries? Zipes examines famous writers of fairy tales such as Charles Perrault, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and L.Frank Baum and considers the extraordinary impact of Walt Disney on the genre as a fairy tale filmmaker.
This Oxford companion provides an authoritative reference source for fairy tales, exploring the tales themselves, both ancient and modern, the writers who wrote and reworked them and related topics such as film, art, opera and even advertising.
Some of our most well-known tales were originated by the pen of Hans Christian Andersen. A prolific writer, Andersen’s oeuvre includes plays, novels, and poems but he is most well-regarded for his fairy tales. Stories such as “The Princess and the Pea”,” “The Ugly Duckling,” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes” are incredibly well-known and all from the mind of this illustrious fairy tale author. This lovely edition features color and black and white illustrations by Danish artist Kay Nielsen as well as all new foreword by Joan D. Vinge. There is an otherworldly quality in Nielsen’s art-deco styled pieces that provide adventurous and vibrant versions of these sixteen stories. The art still feels completely fresh and unique in this collection of masterworks featuring including “The Nightingale,” “The Red Shoes,” “The Snow Queen,” and others. These enchanting stories are wonderful for children, and collectors of fine art alike. Experience these classics again, and pick up this beautiful edition of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales.
Relates the childhood, youth and great journey of the fairy Tuflongbo, from his beginning on a parsley leaf until, at the end of a long life and many adventures, he "puts off his shoes."
A diverse collection of essays, artwork, interviews, and fiction on Angela Carter.
A collection of well-known fairy tales with Disney illustrations.
Have you ever wondered why some women achieve great success in direct sales while others don't? Kirsten McCay-Smith shares the secrets in exclusive interviews with super achievers who have already broken the million dollar profit mark. The interviews explode the myths of direct selling and expose new truths. If you desire to become wildly successful in direct sales yourself, you will benefit immensely from the advice of those who have already succeeded. Featuring actual millionaires from Tupperware, Pre-Paid Legal, Isagenix, Passion Parties, Tastefully Simple, and Avon
Award-winning artist Scott Gustafson, inspired by the Golden Age of illustration, re-tells and re-imagines some of our best known fairy tales through his inimitable illustrations in Classic Fairy Tales Vol I. The fixed layout ebook format retains the lavishly illustrated spreads from his Classic Fairy Tales printed book (over 190,000 copies sold). These fabulously retold family favorites can be read aloud or enjoyed through the dramatic word-for-word narration by actress Ann Twomey. With over 70 pages of masterful storytelling and magical full color paintings, formatted for ease of use on your e-reader device, this ebook will quickly become a family favorite.
“Dwarf, the Nose” (or “Little Longnose”) is one of the most famous fairy tales of the German writer Wilhelm Hauff. The main character of the tale is a boy, who was stolen by an old witch and transformed into the ugly dwarf. After he had fled from her, he tried to return home. But his parents didn’t recognize him. Working at the lord’s kitchen, he managed to save the girl Mimi, who was also transformed into the goose by the witch. Their friendship helps them to overcome all difficulties and to become uncharmed. The triumph of Good over Evil is the main theme of the tale. “Dwarf, the Nose” (or “Little Longnose”) stresses the importance of family in the life of a person, teaches children to love their parents. Published by Animedia Company.
Treasury of 43 stories by great turn-of-the-century folklorist with a gift for fine narration includes "Jack and the Beanstalk," "Nix Nought Nothing," "Teeny-Tiny," and many more. 65 illustrations.
Illustrator Anna Pomaska's FAIRY TALE HIDDEN PICTURE COLORING BOOK offers a triple treat for children--a collection of favorite fairy tales, a puzzle book, and a coloring book--all in one. A delightful drawing accompanies each story and hidden in each drawing are objects from the story for young readers to find, while they color the picture.
" Explores the historical rise of the literary fairy tale as genre in the late seventeenth century. In his examinations of key classical fairy tales, Zipes traces their unique metamorphoses in history with stunning discoveries that reveal their ideological relationship to domination and oppression. Tales such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Rumplestiltskin have become part of our everyday culture and shapers of our identities. In this lively work, Jack Zipes explores the historical rise of the literary fairy tale as genre in the late seventeenth century and examines the ideological relationship of classic fairy tales to domination and oppression in Western society. The fairy tale received its most "mythic" articulation in America. Consequently, Zipes sees Walt Disney's Snow White as an expression of American male individualism, film and literary interpretations of L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz as critiques of American myths, and Robert Bly's Iron John as a misunderstanding of folklore and traditional fairy tales. This book will change forever the way we look at the fairy tales of our youth.
Operating outside the commercial boundaries of Hollywood cinema, alternative and independent filmmakers have much to offer the discriminating viewer. Yet they struggle for a place in the popular culture, and even more for recognition by the scholarly community. The specific aim of this book is to provide much-needed critical examination of titles, particularly those by British filmmakers. In-depth commentary from such acclaimed writers as Maitland McDonagh, Jasper Sharp, Johannes Schönherr and Marcus Stiglegger considers filmmakers who work at the very heart of the independent medium, giving the reader specific insight into alternate cinema and the struggles its filmmakers endure. Featured are interviews with both rising and established filmmakers, including the infamous Guy Maddin and Herschell Gordon Lewis. Finally, this collection of interviews and essays boasts a 20th anniversary retrospective on the British cult classic The Company of the Wolves, complete with an exclusive interview with director Neil Jordan.
An illustrated collection of 52 traditional tales collected by the Brothers Grimm.
We are happy to introduce you to the new collection of «Favorite Fairy Tales», which consists of «The Three Little Pigs», «The Three Bears», «The Wolf and the Seven Kids». The tales are told by Joseph Jacobs, Robert Southey, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and illustrated by Viktoriya Dunayeva. Published by Animedia Company.
What if the classic fairy tales were to take place today, in suburban America? How might they be different? What about them would stay the same? If you've ever wondered what a modern fairy tale would be like (or even if you haven't), read Suburbanized Fairy Tales.
This edited book is devoted to an issue of increasing importance in management theory and practice-organizational identity. The concept of organizational identity has received attention in many disciplines such as strategic management, marketing, communication and public relations and organization theory. In practice a number of consultancy firms h

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