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Isabel Brodrick When Mr Indefer Jones spoke of living for two years, he spoke more hopefully of himself than the doctor was wont to speak to Isabel. The doctor from Carmarthen visited Llanfeare twice a week, and having become intimate and confidential with Isabel, had told her that the candle had nearly burnt itself down to the socket. There was no special disease, but he was a worn-out old man. It was well that he should allow himself to be driven out about the place every day. It was well that he should be encouraged to get up after breakfast, and to eat his dinner in the middle of the day after his old fashion. It was well to do everything around him as though he were not a confirmed invalid. But the doctor thought that he would not last long. The candle, as the doctor said, had nearly burnt itself out in the socket. And yet there was no apparent decay in the old man's intellect. He had never been much given to literary pursuits, but that which he had always done he did still. A daily copy of whatever might be the most thoroughly Conservative paper of the day he always read carefully from the beginning to the end; and a weekly copy of the Guardian nearly filled up the hours which were devoted to study. On Sunday he read two sermons through, having been forbidden by the doctor to take his place in the church because of the draughts, and thinking, apparently, that it would be mean and wrong to make that an excuse for shirking an onerous duty. An hour a day was devoted by him religiously to the Bible. The rest of his time was occupied by the care of his property. Nothing gratified him so much as the coming in of one of his tenants, all of whom were so intimately known to him that, old as he was, he never forgot the names even of their children. The idea of raising a rent was abominable to him. Around the house there were about two hundred acres which he was supposed to farm. On these some half-dozen worn-out old labourers were maintained in such a manner that no return from the land was ever forthcoming. On this subject he would endure remonstrance from no one,—not even from Isabel.
This volume offers Trollope's 1879 novel about the trouble that arises from a nobleman's inability to choose an heir.
Cousin Henry is a novel by Anthony Trollope first published in 1879. The story deals with the trouble arising from the indecision of a squire in choosing an heir to his estate.Of Trollope's shorter novels, it has been called one of his most experimental.Indefer Jones is the aged squire, between seventy and eighty years of age, of a large manor, Llanfeare, in Carmarthen, Wales. His niece, Isabel Brodrick, has lived with him for years after the remarriage of her father, and endeared herself to everyone. However, according to his strong traditional beliefs, the estate must be passed down to a male heir.His sole male blood relative is his nephew Henry Jones, a London clerk. Henry has, in the past, incurred debts that the squire had paid off, been "sent away from Oxford", and generally made a poor impression on his occasional visits to Llanfeare. Nevertheless, Henry is told of his uncle's intention to make him his heir and is invited to pay a visit. Isabel rejects her uncle's suggestion that she solve his dilemma by marrying Henry, as she cannot stand her cousin. Indefer Jones finds his nephew to be just as detestable as ever. As a result, he overcomes his prejudice and changes his will one final time, in Isabel's favour. Unfortunately, he dies before he can tell anyone.
In the 13th book in the Henry and Mudge series, Henry and his big dog Mudge can't wait for Cousin Annie to visit. But when Annie arrives, she thinks Henry's fish tank smells and does not like dog kisses. How can you have fun with a cousin like that? Henry and Mudge find a way!
Ten brilliant stories about Horrid Henry's evil enemies - Moody Margaret, Sour Susan, Stuck-Up Steve, Bossy Bill, Perfect Peter and Rabid Rebecca the Bogey Babysitter, to name just a few - and how he schemes to outwit them, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Alongside these much-loved and laughed-over stories there is lots of new material, such as Horrid Henry's Top Secret Plan to Rule the World, Rules for a Secret Club, a Wanted poster, an exchange of rude notes between Henry and Moody Margaret, diagrams, battle-plans and recipes for Glop. With many pictures in colour, including some new ones, this is a treat for all Horrid Henry fans, just as funny and inventive as HORRID HENRY'S BIG BAD BOOK and HORRID HENRY'S WICKED WAYS.
Elizabeth Woodville, The White Queen(2009), Margaret Beaufort, The Red Queen(2010), and Jacquetta, Lady Rivers, The Rivers Woman(2011) are the subjects of the first three novels in Philippa Gregory's Cousins' War series, and of the three biographical essays in this book. Philippa Gregory and two historians, leading experts in their field who helped Philippa to research the novels, tell the extraordinary 'true' stories of the life of these women who until now have been largely forgotten by history, their background and times, highlighting questions which are raised in the fiction and illuminating the novels. With a foreword by Philippa Gregory - in which Philippa writes revealingly about the differences between history and fiction and examines the gaps in the historical record - and beautifully illustrated with rare portraits, The Women of the Cousins' Waris an exciting new addition to the Philippa Gregory oeuvre.
After his retirement in 1996 Michael Frederick Clark continues to be active as a published Field Ornithologist, as well as in his work as a pastoral visitor and 3rd World volunteer. A lover of nature and of all things "classical" in the arts, he is also an enthusiastic reader in several fields. In recent years, Mr. Clark has published two works of fiction and two of poetry, all through AuthorHouse, including "GOLDEN YEARS: Three Tales For A Winter's Evening" and the present work (fiction), and "MIXED TIDINGS: Shorter Lyrics And Other Poems" and "SOUNDINGS: A Volume of Longer Poems." Distraught and aging, Henry Newsome, a retired Chief of Detectives from the St. Louis Police Department, travels north [in the late '60's]into Canada to visit with his cousin, Mini Carmichael, who decades before he had asked to be his wife. In the small town of Dunnestun, Ontario, Henry is met by one of the heaviest winter storms on record, and by a tangled web of hideous murders that tests even his skills as an internationally acclaimed forensics expert. Plagued by a town plunged into a deep winter torpor, a green and conflicted police sergeant, his own issues with advancing age, and his frustrating attempts to reconnect with his much altered cousin, Henry's task is far from easy. Most vexing and problematic is Mini's strange little "nephew," a visionary, who is in some way central to the case. While the bringing to justice of a brutal and cold-blooded child murderer is the plot's centerpiece, it is only one part of a larger story of deepening intrigue and mystery. As told from the multiple viewpoints of the engaging principal characters, HENRY NEWSOME'S LAST CASE will hold the attentive reader's interest to the very last page.
Childhood recollections of life in the Adirondack Mountains during the Great Depression. In the 1930s, life for kids tucked away in the quiet woodlands of the Adirondack Mountains was rich with nature and filled with human characters. This captivating memoir contains the recollections of one woman who spent her childhood on the hillsides and in the woods near Ticonderoga. A child’s-eye view of days long gone, the book describes a time and place of poverty and hardship tempered by compassion, hope, and humor. Gloria Stubing Rist is a retired registered nurse and mother of three. She lives in Marcellus, New York.
A surprise visit from a dear old friend only adds to the joys of good weather, great fishing, warm breezes, and loving family for J.W. Jackson this idyllic island summer. The ex-Boston cop is thrilled to see accomplished bluesman Corrie Appleyard strolling up his driveway, guitar case in hand. But days later, J.W.’s elation turns to dread when a rundown summer shack burns to the ground—the latest in a string of suspicious fires. And when an unidentified corpse is discovered in the ashes, J.W. fears that the charred remains are Corrie’s. Now twin obligations to friendship and the truth are leading him into an ugly tangle of arson, extortion, secrets, and murder. And he’ll go to the dangerous ends of paradise to bring a killer to justice.

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